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Sassy Sweatshirt Styles for Fall

Hey SIMONistas!

Fall makes being fashionable fun, and with so many options available for us to flaunt our style, it’s almost too difficult to choose just one. Luckily, the colder weather allows for (and commands for) lots of layers. The sweatshirt trend this season is in full effect, so make sure you’ve got your top threads ready for action. When shopping for sweatshirts, think bold. Think sassy. Think, “I own this trend,” because if you follow these tips, you totally will.

Sassy Sweatshirt Styles for Fall Casual Chic

There is a certain merit to mastering the art of what us fashionistas call “comfy chic.” Perhaps because it’s the perfect marriage between two things we love, there’s really no better feeling than knowing you look great and your comfort isn’t suffering. When it comes to the sweatshirt trend, it might be easy to gravitate towards strictly comfy, casual pieces. But with just a change in approach, your casual sweatshirt can still be chic with no extra effort. This season, animal prints are practically a neutral. Pick a sweatshirt that screams sass, any print is great– but keep the color scheme light so you can wear it in the daytime without looking too over-the-top.

Sassy Sweatshirt Styles for Fall Sophistication After Sundown

Who said you can’t wear a sweatshirt out after dark? Being trendy has never been so simple; sweatshirts are in, and they are hot (figuratively and literally). When looking for the perfect sweatshirt to wear out at night, remember color scheme and material. Always opt for darker shades and look for materials that look a little more sophisticated than the usual 100 percent cotton. Anything that has a metallic quality is perfect for the night scene. You’ll shine in photos and in person!

Sassy Sweatshirt Styles for Fall Lovely Lethal Leather

Leather (or shall we say, faux leather) deserves its own category because this trend is huge right now. If you don’t already own something leather, now is the perfect time to ease into the 50’s-reminiscent trend– with a sweatshirt. You can choose just how much attention you want to devote to the trend by picking styles that only have leather on a portion of the sleeves or the piping around the hems. Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb on this one. It’s a great way to channel your edgy alter-ego! Make it extra fun by adding some red lipstick and black skinnies.

To find these and many more stylish sweatshirts for Fall, visit the shops at Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza.

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