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Nordstrom’s Fall Beauty Trend Event is Back!

Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Event

Hallelujah!!! Summer is officially over which means cooler days, chill nights, and the hottest looks in fashion and beauty are popping up on store shelves.

Yep, Fabulous Fall is here ladies so you know what this means… One of my favorite beauty events is back! Yaaaay!!!

Each Autumn Nordstrom celebrates the season with its Fall Beauty Trend Event which showcases beauty and fashion trends set to be the hautest looks on and off the runway all season. At this all-week event guests can pick up insider tips and tricks from beauty experts at the live runway show plus much more! But, what I love the most are the brands, Brands, BRANDS!

Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Event Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Event Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Event Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Event

Score a free tote filled with samples from brands like Dior, Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury, NARS, Bobbi Brown, and MAC when you attend the show. Plus, get complimentary consultations with beauty experts after the show. And if that wasn’t enough glam for ya, event attendees can enter for a chance to win even more merch from your favorite beauty brands!!!

Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Event Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Event

Hey, I NEVER miss this Nordstom affair, and trust me when I say that you shouldn’t either! 😀

Nordstrom’s Fall Beauty Trend Event is only happening at select stores, so check your local Nordstrom to RSVP your spot to spot the latest trends this season.

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  1. Good to know that Nordstroms is bring back their fall beauty trend event. Unfortunately we don’t even live close to a Nordstroms store anymore. I’m out of luck.

  2. I can’t wait to see what you share. I love the photos of the ladies, they look real and authentic!

  3. This sounds like a fabulous event. I’m always looking for easy ways to help with make up and take care of my skin. Plus I love getting free samples.

  4. I need to up my game with the latest beauty trends. The fall beauty trend event is definitely going on my list of fall can’t miss happenings.

  5. We do not have any Nordstrom stores around here. I think our closest one is over an hour away.

  6. Will have to check out my local Nordstrom’s to see if they are doing this for beauty trend event! It sounds like it would be fun to do and I would learn a whole lot about new beauty items!

  7. I get so excited for this event. I always find so many great fashion deals and stock up on the basics.

  8. I would love to go there and check it out. I have really started liking Nordtrom’s lately.

  9. This seems like such a fun event! I like the idea of the free tote full of those brands products. The consultation would be fun too.

  10. Ooo I need to head to Nordstrom. Time to shop!

  11. I haven’t shopped at Nordstrom in a while, but I should definitely head over and check it out. Sounds like they have some great products.

  12. Oh gosh I really wish there was a Nordstrom closer to me!! Except maybe it’s good that there isn’t because I would be so bad!! LOL!!

  13. I think I should check the nearest location of Nordstorm. Can’t wait for your more updates about it.

  14. This is for sure an event where any woman would like to be. Some hours of beauty, trends and brands is exactly what I need right now before the cold season starts!

  15. That tote full of samples is really drawing me in! I didn’t realize Nordstrom hosted a Fall Beauty Trend event!

  16. I must have been living under a rock the last few years, I had no idea about this! But I am RSVPing right now, so exciting! Love Nordstrom.

  17. Thanks for sharing these fall beauty trends. I am normally not in the loop but with Nordstrom’s help I will be soon!

  18. I do love a good Nordstrom event! I can’t wait to get there.