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Atlanta makeup artist and beauty expert, Mia “Mimi J” Johnson, spearheaded a beauty industry brunch at Marlee’s Coffee and Tea House in Atlanta. The consortium featured a panel of beauty and fashion industry entrepreneurs who offered insight into the industry as well as advice on effective ways to market your business and image.

I must say that the attendees were treated to a wonderfully informative discussion on the current state and direction of the fashion industry. The topics covered the essentials of becoming a beauty professional including self promotion, brand marketing and the importance of leveraging social media channels, defining beauty retrospectively, and the impact of the economy on the TV and film industries.

The discussion was facilitated by Mimi J, owner of P3 Lab who asked the panelist to give their perspective and experiences within the beauty industry.

Mimi J (center) and the esteemed panelists (left to right), Alexandra Butler, Evelyn Mims, Courtney Hammonds, Karin Lang, Synthe Maria, and Janelle Landgford
Mimi J (center) and the panelists (left to right), Alexandra Butler, Evelyn Mims, Courtney Hammonds, Karin Lang, Synthe Maria, and Janelle Landgford


Synthe Maria, a Professional Airbrush Makeup Artist and educator, spoke about the importance of preparation and educating oneself on your prospective clients’ needs, and the value of working hard at your craft.

Courtney Hammonds, Fashion Director at the Art Institute of Atlanta, expressed  the importance of recognizing beauty from the inside out, effective ways of defining ones image, as well as the value of your image as it relates to your business.

Alexandra Butler, a Professional Makeup Artist, discussed how she got her start in the makeup industry, her personal experiences within the industry, and how networking has played an integral part in her business’ success.

Evelyn Mims, Community Relations Specialist and Associate Producer at 11 Alive, emphasized humbling oneself and being patient within the process, as well as hard work and punctuality when fulfilling ones commitments.

Karin Lang, Branding and Graphics Specialist for Prospect Images, and owner of Adore Life Clothing Company, provided website and marketing tips and advice, and discussed how to leverage your business through social media marketing channels.

The event was coordinated and marketed by Janelle Landgford, publicist and Creative Director for Urban Suite PR, a public relations marketing firm.

During the discussion, the panelists recounted their individual experiences within the fashion and beauty industries, and I couldn’t help but reflect on my own personal testimony. Throughout this  fabulous journey that I have been blessed with, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the most incredible women and men who’ve inspired me to fulfill my dreams… in Style!

In closing, Mimi stated that she will be conducting these types of networking events every quarter in an effort to continuously educate and empower women who are looking to brand themselves and their business.


Nikka Shae-The Undercover Socialite

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  1. I like your ideas. Plus you’re down with the hardest working girl on Twitter, Synthe. You’ve got to be Boss. Bookmarking you for sure.

    1. Thank you!!! Please make sure to follow me on twitter, and to Like my page on FB.

  2. It was so fun meeting everyone at the event. I look forward to networking and meeting up with you all in the future. Thanks for the article and recap.

    1. You are so welcome, same here!!!!