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Create the Look (Retro Ri Ri)


Rihanna rockin the retro look
Rihanna rockin the retro look


Hey Divas!

So, as I was browsing around the Internet looking for any interesting news circulating the blogosphere about any and everything fashion, I stumbled on this pic of Ri Ri in a sleek black blazer, dawning pearls and a retro style bob hairdo.

Ri Ri is rockin a very classic look with throwback ques to 1920’s era with the pearls and the 1940’s hairdo, complete with popping red lip paint.

So my daughters see the look and suggest that I try and recreate it. Now generally it’s not wise to take fashion advice from anyone under the legal age to buy their own clothes :-D, but this is a “special” exception, of course. Besides, they are both Divas in training and will one day have the proverbial “Torch of the Fashionista” passed down to them.

I have taught you well young fab-shoppers…” 😛



So, here goes Diva’s… me recreating the “Retro Ri Ri” look.


Nikka Shae glammed up in the retro throwback look
Nikka Shae glammed up in the retro throwback look

What do you think? Did I capture the look? Leave your comments and praises below….LOL

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

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