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21 Days of Beauty at ULTA

ULTA 21 days of beauty sales calendar

To say I’m a beauty queen would be an understatement. I am absolutely OBSESSED with all things beauty, which means ULTA is pretty much heaven to me!! Seriously, any time I’m having a bad day, I wander into my nearest Ulta store and seek some solace amongst all my friends… the makeup products, duh! 😀 Anyone else have a dangerous love affair with makeup like that?! (Shhh, don’t tell the hubby!)

Since I’m such a big fan of the selection at ULTA, I was pretty much jumping with joy when I realized their semi-annual 21 Days of Beauty sale was quickly approaching!! The sale kicks off on September 3 and goes until the 23rd, so here’s everything you need to know to properly binge on all the amazing beauty products they have to offer.

ULTA 21 days of beauty sales calendar ULTA 21 days of beauty sales calendar ULTA 21 days of beauty sales calendar   ULTA 21 days of beauty sales calendar ULTA 21 days of beauty sales calendar


You’ll want to grab a copy of the ULTA sale calendar to help you stay in the know. Basically, every single day from September 3 to 23, there will be a discount of up to 50% off select beauty products. The calendar will show you exactly which products are on sale for what price, so be sure to keep an eye on it!

I know I am definitely stoked for this sale to start. And these aren’t your cheap beauty brands, either. ULTA is having sales on big-name brands such as Smashbox, Benefit, Urban Decay, Tarte, M.A.C and IT Cosmetics. Pinch me, right?! I’ve already marked off on my calendar which days I definitely need to shop so that I don’t miss these rare prices on such high-quality products. As if my hubby needed more reasons to roll his eyes at me, LOL!

You can learn more about the 21 Days of Beauty sale here.

I will also be filling you all in on the products I buy next week! In the meantime, though, here are some of the items I’ve already scored!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for ULTA Beauty however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. We are just the opposite. I love take care of my skin and have a simple beauty routine

  2. Oh wow how absolutely amazing does this sale sound, I am loving the look of so many deals listed!

  3. Our Ulta moved to a larger location in town, and just opened back up. I had no idea that they had a sale like this one. I’ll have to check it out!

  4. Thanks so much for the heads up on these awesome Ulta sales! I do need to stock up on a few beauty essentials and now plan to wait until the right day to take advantage of some great deals.

  5. Thanks for the tip. I have yet to step into an Ulta and I’ve been meaning to.

  6. I am excited for you! I am not a fan of makeup but will wait for your next post about the products you will buy!

  7. I am a hugeeeee fan of Ulta – planitnum member here lol. I buy almost all of my makeup and skincare products at Ulta.

  8. This 21 day sale sounds sweet! Keeping an eye on the calendar will definitely help so we don’t miss out on our favorite products.

  9. I have a big ULTA store near me and I have never been in there! My sister keeps telling me to go. Sounds like I should go in September.

  10. This is the first I heard of Ulta, I wonder if we even have one near us. So glad you shared it, now I must check them out!

  11. I totally need that pink phone, that is so me. I wanted to be a beauty girl but it never worked out. I’m really girly but I lack the makeup gene and talents. We have a few Ulta’s here but none of them are really close to me.

  12. I guess I’m lucky that I have not one but TWO ULTA stores nearby. I love ULTA! As I type this comment I can see my ULTA beauty box on top of my dresser. I use it every day!

  13. I have literally never stepped foot in a Ulta. I keep thinking I need to change that soon!

  14. I don’t usually wear make up but I am always on the look out for new products to try. I will check if we have any ULTA stores nearby. I am interested in that 21 day sale. I could snag some items there for Christmas gifts to my teenaged nieces.

  15. Thank you so much for the 21 days of beauty at Ulta. We were just in there yesterday picking up a special occasion glitter eye shadow. It’s always fun looking around and trying samples out at Ulta.

  16. I wish we had ULTA in my neck of the woods. I love a good bargain on beauty products