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Work It Wednesdays: To Infinity and Beyond!

If you’re a woman on the go (like muah), then you know how difficult it is to find that perfect dress when you need it. Now I must admit that I have quite a few options to choose from when it comes to clothes. In fact, my closet could easily double as a Tanger Outlet Mall, but that’s another topic all together. 😀 So you’d think that with so many options it would be easy to just grab a dress and go. Well…here’s my dilemma.

By day I’m a business woman, but by night I often transform into Nikka Shae, the “Undercover Socialite”…a diva who’s all about discovering what’s new and happening around town.

Now I’m no Superwoman, and coming to the rescue is generally reserved for small feats of heroics involving my family and/or helping with the kids’ homework. 😉 And, as we know, every hero has a signature look, and I’m often at a crossroads when it’s time for me to dawn my cape when choosing the right outfit for an event.

See, I often get invited to attend several events in one day and I don’t always have the time to change in between them. So, what’s a hero (girl) to do?

Well, I may have just found the perfect garment to save the day. It’s a gem called the Kaori Infinity Dress, and it’s a must have in any woman’s closet (or utility belt 😀 ).

Created by IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel, The Kaori Infinity Dress can quickly and effortlessly transform your look from a sexy halter dress to a one-sleeve off the shoulder “show stopper” with ease. This dress is so versatile and has so many ways to wear it. The possibilities are infinite! And the best part about it is that it’s NOT a seasonal piece. This beauty can be worn anytime and anywhere! If it gets a lil chilly outside just pair it with leggings, knee-high boots and let the sleeves out. BAM!!! Or, wrap the sleeves around your waist and throw on a few fab accessories and a statement necklace and you’re ready for dinner and cocktails. POW!!!

Winter is no match for this versatile dress
Winter is no match for this versatile dress

Defeat your nemesis...then go for cocktails
Defeat your nemesis...then go for cocktails

"Halt" the crowd with this sexy halter look
"Halt" the crowd with this sexy halter look

IGIGI specializes in sexy and sophisticated plus size clothing, with an emphasis on plus size formal wear, plus size wedding gowns and plus size dresses and plus size separates. IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel is the premiere brand of contemporary collections designed to fulfill the lifestyle of the beautiful, voluptuous, and confident woman.

We believe that words like “ample,” “opulent,” “curvaceous,” and “voluptuous” should be mainstays in the fashion dictionary. It is important to accentuate and celebrate the beauty and sensuality of the female figure rather than cover it up with piles of fabric.

Let’s be real…It’s not often that we plus-sized Divas find sexy AND practical clothing that fits! BRAVO IGIGI!!!

Ok Divas, I’m off to another event in my trusty Kaori Infinity Dress.

Can someone tell me where I can find the nearest phone booth? 😉

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

Hey Divas! What’s your fav look? Let me know!

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