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Work It Wednesdays: K.I.S.S. your Winter blues goodbye!

Hey Divas,

Winter is almost over and Spring is quickly headed our way. Now I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time to start planning a getaway. And I’m not talking about the kind of getaway that’s “a few rental car hours” away kinda getaway…Oh No No No! I’m dreaming big on this one ladies. I’m thinking beach front with seascape views of lush mountains, open air with the ocean breeze greeting you in the morning while the sunset serenades you in the evening; someplace far far away from everywhere caliber “getting-away”.  Just imagine a romantic candlelit dinner underneath the starlit sky while the crackling waves of the ocean serenade your evening meal. But, what will you wear to this amazing dinner date? Hmmm… Something “resort worthy” yet has a Bohemian-chic feel to it. Something that’s “fantasy fabulous” but it can still keep the fire lit well into the night. Something that’s simple, yet sexy. Hmmm… Well, whenever I’m faced with a fashion dilemma, I just K.I.S.S. it! Keep It Simple & Sexy!

So, for this exotic rendezvous I was thinking of this (1.) Cold Shoulder Knit Top ($19.50) courtesy of Ashley Stuart. This sassy piece features three-quarter sleeves with open shoulder cutouts that are perfect to let the ocean breeze kiss your skin. Pair it with these fabulous (2.) Tribal Knit Palazzo Pants ($36.50) by Ashley Stewart. These sexy and fun pants feature wide-cut legs that will sashay with your every move. The Cold Shoulder Knit Top also has a scooping neckline that’s perfect for this fabulous (3.) Intricate Details Pendant Necklace ($14.97) from Charming Charlie. You will definitely make a statement with this multi-pendant accessory with its chain drape detail and vibrant beaded accents that scream Bohemian-chic. Add an eclectic touch with an elaborate (4.) Coral Burst Stretch Bracelet ($14.97) and matching (5.) Coral Burst Hoop Earrings ($7.97) from Charming Charlie. These chunky accessories feature scattered clusters of multi-tonal beads and crystals; as well as wooden pieces that help to fuse the look together. Add a delightfully dreamy edge to your look with these pretty (6.) Chantal pumps by Bebe ($110.00) at Zappos. These haute beauties with their lacy fabric upper and 5 inch stacked platform heel are a perfect complement to your Bohemian-chic look.

Stunning view from Four Seasons resort in Langkawi, Malaysia
Stunning view from Four Seasons resort in Langkawi, Malaysia

Now, you just need an amazing destination to show off this haute look.


How about somewhere just off the coast of Malaysia surrounded by the stunning turquoise sea.

I got it! The Four Season Resort in Langkawi, Malaysia!

(I told ya I was going big on this one!) 😀

An absolutely breathtaking view for an equally stunning you!

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

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  1. I love this look,… and I have got to get shopping for spring and summer! My wardrobe is begging for color!