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The New Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a Touchdown

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta

If you never thought I could be ecstatic about something involving sports, think again! As a gal about town, I make everything involving ATL and good times my business. And my newest obsession is the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta. Seriously, even if you don’t love sports, this stadium still has amazing features to offer!

Hubby and I were recently invited to tour the stadium, which is the new home to the Atlanta Falcons NFL team and Atlanta United soccer team. We got to tour the gorgeous VIP lounges, the locker room (major fangirl moment!), field seats, and we even got a sneak peek at their curated art collection (yep, you heard that right—the stadium has an exclusive art collection!).

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta

What You Should Know About the New Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Here are the quick (and awesome) facts about the new stadium so you can get a feel for it at a glance. Trust me when I tell you this place was amazing!

  • Hello, comfort. Stadium seats are 21 inches wide, which is 2 inches wider than the seats in the Georgia Dome.
  • Ladies, rejoice! There will be 22% more restroom fixtures for men and 30% more for women. Whoohooo!
  • WiFi, too. The robust wireless and cellular network in the stadium will treat your Instagram posting well.
  • Meet and drink and be merry. On the 100 and 200 Concourses, you can find a Neighborhood Bar, where you can meet up with friends who are in other seats and grab a drink. Each bar has TVs, a view of the field, and expansive beverage offerings at good prices.
  • #Views. You can view Atlanta’s gorgeous skyline through the Window to the City at the Skybridges located on Concourse 200 and 300.
  • A win-win. The comfort of the indoors with the atmosphere of the outdoors. With the Window to the City, retractable roof, and ETFE panels, there will be of  plenty natural light to make it feel like an outdoor environment, but with the temperature of the indoors.
  • Fan fun. The 100 Yard Club, an Atlanta Falcons-themed club located on Concourse 300, is dedicated to giving die-hard fans the ultimate fan experience. Of course, there are TVs in there, too.
  • Party on the porch. The Front Porch, a 61,000 square-foot outdoor fan plaza, is an area for ticketed guests to enjoy live entertainment, food and beverages before, during, and after the event. Maybe we can make #PartyOnThePorch a thing?

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta

And I can’t forget about the gorgeous art collection I mentioned! Reflecting the electric fervor of our city’s dedicated fans, the art collection offers a “captivating perspective of sport that elevates the guest experience.” There are original painted murals, photography, mixed-media installations, and even monumental sculptures. Your eyes will have a feast as you enjoy both this fine art curated by the Savannah College of Art and Design. All of the works and memorabilia were commissioned by the stadium in a partnership with SCAD.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta

SCAD reviewed more than 650 portfolios for this opportunity, then they chose 54 locally and internationally acclaimed artists to create these city-specific pieces. It’s a truly wonderful addition to the stadium, in my opinion!

Lunchtime at Molly B’s

We ended the tour at Molly B’s, which is a restaurant located inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The food there was incredible! Plus, if you’re a member, you can tailgate at Molly B’s for a members-only upscale experience. Members can enjoy all-inclusive dining including a full menu, beverages, and liquor. You’ll get panoramic views of the field to catch all the pregame action.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Molly B's
If you’re not a member, though, not to worry—you can actually enjoy Molly B’s any day of the week during lunchtime! Being that the stadium is conveniently in downtown, you can easily stop in for a weekday lunch and enjoy the awesome view of the field.

As for food picks, here’s what we ate (and LOVED):

  • Autumn Salad: Combining quintessential fall flavors, this yummy salad had roasted squash, local arugula and kale, pomegranate, quinoa, seeds, and nuts. It was then topped with the tasty Thomasville Tomme cheese and an autumn-appropriate sorghum dijon vinaigrette.
  • The Burger: Get ready for this. It featured double short rib patties, caramelized onions, pickles, swiss, dijon, and an amazing French onion soup mayo, all carefully placed between a supremely soft PDM bun. A delicious sandwich served with fries.
  • Molly B’s Fried Chicken: Because who can so say no to fried chicken? These crispy bites were deliciously paired with aged white cheddar mac and cheese, braised greens, and spicy honey.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Molly B's Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Molly B's Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Molly B's Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Molly B's

All in all, my tour of the Mercedes-Benz was more than I could have imagined. I know my Falcons-loving hubby was reveling in every fan’s dream moment, and I certainly enjoyed all the fabulous features—like the food, drinks, and atmosphere—of this grand new setup. The new stadium is a definite touchdown, and I can’t want to watch a game from the seats!

Because I just couldn’t get enough of how gorgeous this place was, here are a few more pics to enjoy!!!

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  1. I’m so excited! I can hardly wait to visit the new Mercedes Benz stadium and cheer on my Falcons! 30% more bathroom fixtures for women is definitely a win/win! What a great stadium!

  2. Looks like they went all out when they built this stadium. Nice they thought of the women and the restrooms when building it. Everything looks top of the line.

  3. This looks like a great stadium! Nothing better than when everything is state of the art and brand new.

  4. I love art but I never thought of a football stadium as a place to find amazing art. Love it!!! I will definitely have to check it out during my December visit to ATL. Thanks on highlighting some must see spots to check out while there.

  5. I had no idea that Mercedes-Benz was doing something like this. I bet you it was full of luxury because you can’t have Mercedes-Benz name on anything without luxury.

  6. What an absolutely amazing sounding stadium, I am all for comfy seats and more restrooms it can be a nightmare when you need to go and queue is so long!

  7. I am loving the sound of this new stadium, having 30% more features for women is the best news next to wifi lol

  8. I haven’t been to a live game in a long time, but this sounds great! Also, I love that the seats are wider, my butt is too big for some stadium seating haha!

  9. This looks like an amazing stadium and a wonderful opportunity. My husband would LOVE to check out this place in person.

  10. Looks like a very nice stadium. I love the colorful decor and paintings. The food looks fantastic too.

  11. Molly B’s sounds awesome. I love that members can tailgate there, that sounds like a great way to enhance the game.

  12. Wow! That stadium looks so cool! I would like to go sometime in the future!

  13. Wow, that is a beautiful stadium. And lots of great amenities too! I haven’t been to Atlanta but this would be a nice place to check out – like you said, even if you aren’t a big sports enthusiast.

  14. Very cool stadium, but miss the days when the were named after people or teams and not products. It’s tough keeping up!

  15. This was a dope opportunity, I love sporting events so I can appreciate this. Yes to the WIFI and the good selfie lighting, that is important.

  16. My husband and son would love this! What an awesome stadium!

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