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Pure Horse Play: A True Family Affair

Recently my family and I were invited to attend a sunset picnic at Atlanta’s newest equestrian center called Pure Horse Play. Now anyone who knows me knows that I’m a country girl… It’s true. Get me out in the open air, on a few acres of land, with majestic views all around, and you can count me absent from the rest of the world…if only for a little while anyways. I hadn’t gone horseback riding since I was a kid, so I was super excited to go on this adventure since most of my ‘adventuring’ these days involves having both heels firmly planted on solid ground. Well needless to say I couldn’t wait to get back into the saddle again. So upon arriving at Pure Horse Play I was thinking that I’d have fun reminiscing while riding a few horses. I quickly discovered that Pure Horse Play was NOT your ordinary equestrian experience.

The passion of owner Michelle Phillips with assistance from her three lovely daughters Jayla, Jordyn, and Brittany, Pure Horse Play is a TRUE family affair. Sitting on over 13 acres of gorgeous rolling hillsides and shade tree escapes, Pure Horse Play offers a host of amenities to ‘stir-up’ any saddle lover’s excitement. This family owned facility has ‘wrangled-up’ several packages for its guests that include horseback riding, seasonal camps, and equestrian teams to name a few. In addition to camps and riding coaching, PHP offers custom concierge services for those looking to create a more personal ranch-style experience. From cowboy-style weddings to private parties, from camp-outs to romantic picnics, Pure House Play is definitely an equestrian adventure. PHP also provides its guests with many signature events such as their Sunset Picnic and a fabulous hillside tasting featuring sumptuous sips & sweets.

Pure Horse Play

Phillips kicked off the event by introducing each of the horses to guests. And after hearing the history of each horse and how they were acquired I knew that Pure Horse Play was something special. Phillips explained that many of the horses at Pure Horse Play were on the brink of certain death having been neglected and malnourished by their previous owners. It was so touching to hear how Michelle and her daughters nursed each of them back to life with lots of love, care, and attention and how the horses have responded in loyalty and gratitude. All of the horses were absolutely beautiful, but one in particular galloped right into my heart, and her name was Ms. Hollywood.  With her glamorous golden locks, Ms. Hollywood was the star of the show. She reminded me so much of my lovely childhood friend Flicker. You see, when I was a child I had a fabulous horse named Flicker that I absolutely adored. I’d spend countless hours grooming and petting Flicker while sharing endless stories with him. I’m sure Flicker got more than an earful because I was definitely a chatterbox back then. I know personally how these wonderful animals can leave a lasting impression on the lives of others as having Flicker made such an impact on me. Phillips attested to the positive effect that these horses have made on her campers’… “We know that riding and caring for horses is therapy for children and adults. We have seen a difference in students when they start at Pure Horse Play compared to after a few lessons.  It really teaches responsibility and allows children to connect on a level they aren’t often exposed to today,” Phillips states. She explained how many children with disabilities and even autistic children have shown great progress when exposed to horses.

Pure Horse Play

Phillips even shared her very own personal trials and triumphs and how Pure Horse Play was her saving grace. I was so inspired by her story. After leaving Pure Horse Play I felt refreshed and renewed and ready to take on the city! …with my cowgirl boots on of course. 😉

Pure Horse Play

Thank you to the fabulous Christal Jordan of Enchanted PR and Michelle Phillips of Pure Horse Play for hosting such an amazing experience! My family and I had a wonderful time!

Hey, if you’re looking for a getaway from the day-to-day then trot on over to Pure Horse Play for an equestrian experience unlike any other. Be sure to tell them that Nikka sent you!

Pure Horse Play is located at 5400 Cascade Palmetto Hwy in Fairburn, Georgia. For more information about Pure Horse Play, upcoming events, and the many packages they offer, visit www.purehorseplay.co. And be sure to follow Pure Horse Play on Twitter @PureHorsePlay1 and on Instagram @PureHorsePlay

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