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It’s Craft Beer. It’s Creative. Just, Don’t Call it Hotlanta!

Monday Night Brewing Don't Call It Hotlanta

If there’s one thing I’m passionate about in this world, it’s adventurous sips. Any refreshing way to cool my palate on a hot Atlanta afternoon is exactly the way I’d spend every day if I could.

And speaking of hot Atlanta; legend has it that if you utter the term “Hotlanta” within the city limits, you will hear a collective moan from  every ATL native for miles. Not quite sure how the city got branded Hotlanta; maybe it’s the sizzling social scene, or possibly the scorching summer temps. Who knows. One thing is for certain, that word is a capital CRINGE to folks around here.

So, when I was introduced to a new brew by Monday Night Brewing that’s all about the ATL, like the I-85 bridge I collapsed with excitement! (Still too soon?) 😛 It’s called “Don’t Call It Hotlanta”, and I must say that this baby is as colorful as its name and the city it’s affectionately named not named after. 😉 This bold new IPA (India Pale Ale) packs an impressive 8.5% ABV that’s just brimming with flavor. I mean, the quadruple dry-hoppiness is as adventurous as an Atlanta commute, with sunny tropical notes on the nose that will have you wishing for cooler climates. 😀

Monday Night Brewing Don't Call It Hotlanta Monday Night Brewing Don't Call It Hotlanta Monday Night Brewing Don't Call It Hotlanta

Now I’m no way near a beer snob (unlike Hubby), but I love trying freshly imagined brews, and Monday Night’s “Don’t Call It Hotlanta” is a truly creative craft beer. As the brewmasters at Monday Night describe, “It drinks dank and finishes with a bit of bitterness, much like an Atlanta sports fan.” Yep… That about sums it up. 😐

So, cheers to our city with this cool new craft beer that’s sure to make you forget all those times the Falcons let you down. Just, whatever you do, DON’T call it Hotlanta! 😀

Monday Night Brewing Don't Call It Hotlanta

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

I was compensated samples to try in exchange for my opinion, however all opinion is my own. 

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  1. This sounds like a great craft beer. I’ll have to try it sometime

  2. How fun! I wish I liked beer. I know many people who do! I’ll still go to beer places though because the food is usually tasty.

  3. I don’t drink beer myself but have family and friends who love it and they all swear that a craft beer is the best, I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on some for them.

  4. My sister would love to try this beer, she loves IPAs. The name is quite clever. It looks like you had a good time.

  5. The way you are adventurous about your craft beers is the same way I am adventurous about my dine and dive eateries. Love your carefree spirit, keep it up!

  6. What a creative name! I am not really good with alcoholic drinks but I am so curious about the taste of this.

  7. Ugh I do love me a good tasting IPA! I live in Michigan, but maybe one day I’ll visit and try it out.

  8. Sounds like a beer I want to try! I guess I’ll have to stop by Monday Nights next time I’m in town!

  9. It sounds like an amazing place. I’m not a beer expert. I do like to drink it so as long as it taste good to me, I’m happy with it.

  10. Wow thanks for introducing this Nikka! I had no idea the Just Dont Call It Hotlanta beer existed. Really I been in Atlanta over 20 years, no local calls Atlanta Hotlanta, thats visitors slang!

  11. There are so many different choices of crafted beers. So many distinct and not ordinary ones. But this seems to be topnotch.

  12. Looks like a fun, tasty way to enjoy summer!!

  13. Firstly, i love your confidence and your style. Secondly, great craft beer, definitely should give it a try 🙂

  14. Wooo, looks like a lovely drink! Never tried this one before. Going to give it a go some time!

  15. I know several people who would probably LOVE this! Must pick some up soon!

  16. Oh this sounds delicious. I need to try to find one.

  17. That’s a nice name for a beer. Do they sell it globally? I guess this brand is promising.

  18. What a cool post! This drink sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing! 🙂