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Fresh Food Just Got A Lot More Fun With Teriyaki Madness

Teriyaki Madness Atlanta Marietta

Whoever said you shouldn’t play with your food has clearly never dined at Teriyaki Madness. Because this place is FUN!

Teriyaki Madness is a fresh Asian grill that serves bountiful bowls of bold, flavorful food made to order with fresh, natural ingredients, and prepared within 5-7 minutes. This fast-growing fast-casual franchise recently launched its latest digs in the Atlanta area, and lucky for us Me they chose Marietta. 😛 Since it’s so close to home, I was able to visit for a pre-grand opening tasting where I met the franchise owners (and fellow food fanatics), Joe and Robin Cleveland. I felt pretty special getting to preview the place, but I felt even more special when I finally got to taste the food. I’ll explain the source of my glee shortly…

Teriyaki Madness Atlanta Marietta

Teriyaki Madness Atlanta Marietta Robin Cleveland
Teriyaki Madness Marietta co-owner Robin Cleveland and I snap a pic between bites

Teriyaki Madness specializes in Seattle-style teriyaki with a focus on freshness. Needless to say I had the best time tasting the delicious menu. This place isn’t like your regular eatery–it’s got a fun twist that makes each meal a lot more personal. Yep, you get customizable entrees… and they are HUGE and “hug-worthy.” Well, I think so anyhow. 😀

How ordering works:

  1. Choose a protein (beef, chicken, or tofu)
  2. Select a base (rice or Japanese noodles)
  3. Pick a side (stir-fry/steamed veggie, green salad, macaroni salad)
  4. Do your happy dance!

The best part is that everything is cooked to order and they only use the freshest ingredients. The meats are fresh, never frozen, all-natural, and marinated and grilled with savory sauces (9 to be exact) all made in-house. But the freshness doesn’t stop there… the veggies are freshly chopped and prepped daily. Starting to feel special yet!?

Teriyaki Madness Atlanta Marietta

Looking back, it’s no wonder the food was so mouth-watering! Seriously, everything was so flavorful, I never wanted the tasting to end! I also love that it’s a healthy option for lunch or dinner–no need to settle for unsatisfying fast food because this place is affordable, just as quick, and way better tasting. Have I reeled you in yet?

Good, because you’re gonna thank me later.

Here’s what I tasted…


I had the chance to try three of the five appetizers on the menu: edamame, chicken eggroll, and chicken potstickers. There was an emphasis on freshness, which I really loved. All of these were so yummy–it’s a good thing I only had a sampling because I could have easily spoiled my meal eating all these tasty apps!

Teriyaki Madness Atlanta Marietta


Ahh, yes, now to the best part: the customizable meals! I absolutely adore this concept. Having the freedom to get the exact meal you’re craving is a definite plus for me, because sometimes you just know what you want.

I tried the chicken teriyaki, spicy chicken teriyaki, chicken yakisoba noodles, and the chicken katsu. Both the teriyaki dishes are the joint’s most popular, which is no surprise because they are the two I couldn’t seem to lift my chork from. And if you’re wondering, “chork” is a real thing. Google it at your leisure. 😉 They also have Asian food staples like beef teriyaki and orange chicken which offer even more options. Each dish was super tasty, perfectly portioned, and a great value. I could definitely see myself saving half of an entree for lunch the following day, and since it’s made fresh, it stays nicely for leftovers. At Teriyaki Madness size really does matter, so depending on how big your appetite is you can opt to have your meal in a bowl, on a plate, or a kids/junior sized bowl. And speaking of the youngins, this place is equally inviting for the family so you can easily (and affordably) feed a teen-sized appetite for next to nothing. Wallets, Rejoice!!!

Teriyaki Madness Atlanta Marietta teriyaki chicken Teriyaki Madness Atlanta Marietta spicy chicken teriyaki Teriyaki Madness Atlanta Marietta chicken Yakisoba noodles Teriyaki Madness Atlanta Marietta chicken katsu Teriyaki Madness Atlanta Marietta

I couldn’t help myself from all of this grilled goodness! All of the entrees were super deelish. But, I fell deep in love with their macaroni salad side. By far the best I’ve ever tasted. It was like an authentic Hawaiian style mac salad, and it was sooo good! I may or may not have been seeing it in my dreams that night… jus sayin. 😛

[ Imagine a pic of mac salad here… Unfortunately I had already devoured the dish before I took the pic. 🙁 ]

Fresh, fulfilling, and fun!

Boring work lunches just got a lot better. Because let’s be honest: it’s just plain fun to create your own dish depending on how you feel that day! You will never get bored, and with the large portions, you can definitely squeeze a couple meals out of an entree.

I have a feeling I’ll be frequenting this place for more flavorful fixin’s very soon. The fact that it’s served quick, a great value, and guilt-free is exactly what makes Teriyaki Madness the perfect alternative to ordinary on-the-go options.

Hey, if you’re ever in the Atlanta area and you want a fresh fix from fast-food, be sure to drop by Teriyaki Madness for more flavorful fare. Teriyaki Madness is located at 2960 Shallowford Road, Suite 112 in Marietta‘s East Cobb community. Oh, and don’t be surprised if you see me there with chork in hand doin the “mac salad mamba.” (Don’t Google that!) 🙂

Teriyaki Madness Atlanta Marietta Joe & Robin Cleveland
Owners Joe & Robin Cleveland take a break from making killer teriyaki to pose with me and my fellow foodie friends

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  1. Yum! After looking at these mouth-watering photos, I’m now craving potstickers for breakfast. The food looks so fresh and appetizing. I clicked over to the website and found one near me and another one opening soon. I can’t wait to visit.

  2. I have never eaten at one of these restaurants yet. I say yet because not sure if we have one close to us. Will have to check around and see if there is one close. We love asian food. I like to play with my food.

  3. I’ve never heard of this restaurant before, but it is pretty similar to Pei Wei that we have here in Texas. I love asian food and Pei Wei is a sub-division of P.F. Changs – so I can order the lettuce wraps without having to go to a sit-down restaurant! lol

  4. Those bowls look just amazing. I don’t know which one I would start with first – perhaps the chicken teriyaki?

  5. Wow this place looks so good! Now I’m hungry…
    xx, Bri || http://www.Neutral2Neon.com

  6. Oh my goodness this looks and sounds amazing!!! I hope there is one near me because I definitely want to check this out!

    Courtney http://www.whatcourtwore.com

  7. I am drooling over this! I love potstickers! All of these look amazing. I wish we had this here! We have similar places, but the food is sometimes mediocre.

  8. The food all looks amazing!! We have teriyaki night often, always a hit with the family when we have it.

  9. I would love to try this. One of my favorite sauces is teriyaki. I put that on so many things. All of this looks so delicious.

  10. how cool! i love the concept:) will have to try it out!
    Southern Elle Style

  11. Marietta isn’t too far from me, so I head there from time to time! Next time that I am in the area, I need to check out Teriyaki Madness.

  12. Wow this looks amazing, and the pictures are so pretty! I am going to have to try this for sure!

  13. Oh, my, their food looks so fresh and delicious. It makes me wish I was in Atlanta now so that I could try it.

  14. Teriyaki is one of my favorite flavors. And yes, they need to open up a place in PA so I can pig out lol!

  15. Those bowls looks so delicious. We love teriyaki and I’d love to try beef teriyaki too. (We usually have either chicken or pork teriyaki). I had to chuckle when you mentioned “chork.” This utensil, I think was invented to help people enjoy eating authentic Asian dishes without having to be a guru in using chopsticks.

  16. Teriyaki Madness sounds like a great place to eat for sure. I love you get to choice what is on your plate. We love Asian food and would love to try these dishes. The veggies with the teriyaki chicken is what I would try first. Thanks for sharing this awesome asian place.

  17. Oh my goodness, those looks delicious. I just had lunch but now feeling hungry again because of this lol.

  18. This looks like such a great option for busy families on nights when you don’t have the time or energy to cook. I mean, who doesn’t love teriyaki?!? YUM.

  19. I love teriyaki flavor so this place will definitely be up my alley. The food looks delicious.

  20. I wish I had this restaurant near me! I love teriyaki!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  21. The world needs so many more conscience cafes like this. Fingers crossed they make their way to Dallas soon!

  22. OMG this looks so good! I wish I had one of these in my town!! It’s 9am and I’m ready for lunch!
    Taylor | http://www.styleiseverythingblog.com

  23. Wow this food looks SO good!!! I’m so hungry now, haha! I wish we had one of these around here! Yum!

  24. I love Asian food and this looks delish! I wonder if we have one in LA? There is only one place here that I can get fresh non-msg bowls that I am so thankful for 🙂 Lots of food allergies over here (roll the eyes).

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  25. This looks absolutely delicious! I love stir fry and this looks so fresh!

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  26. Wow! Everything looks and sounds so good! I would love to visit this place for a lunch or dinner!