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Currently Crushing: The Windows Phone 8X by HTC

As many of you may already know, I consider myself a social media mobile maven. My mobile phone is like my right hand man…well; since I’m a girlie girl it’s more like my right hand “girl”, or even better my “go-to girl”, or something like that…you get the picture. Ok; moving on… I’m always on the go, so needless to say having a reliable mobile phone is everything to me since being connected to all that’s haute and happening around town and on social media is my passion. But not just any mobile phone is up to the task. For starters it has to be cute (hey, I’m a girlie girl remember), it has to have a ton of cool apps, and most importantly it has to keep me organized. And I’m no stranger to the latest in mobile phones either. In fact I’ve owned just about every trendy device out there such as the iPhone, the Blackberry, and the Android. But, there was one that I had not tried and that was the Windows Phone. So as fate would have it I was recently gifted an HTC Windows Phone 8X w/ Beats audio by Microsoft to take for a test drive, and needless to say me and my new Windows Phone have been like Thelma and Louise ever since. 😛 I absolutely LOVE this phone! It’s lightweight, comes in several fabulous colors (I chose the California Blue), and is every bit of a rock star! It’s true! Every time I whip it out to snap a pic or two, onlookers are gasping for a closer look. Of course I then have to initiate my 5/5/5 rule… I let them hold it for 5 seconds, look at it for 5 seconds, and then I attempt to pry it from their 5 tightly clinched fingers. 😀

HTC Windows Phone 8X
Check out the haute hues!

Besides its stylishly chic looks, the Windows Phone 8X features over 145,000 apps and games, the ability to sync your email accounts, calendar, and all of your essentials that keep you connected to family and friends like Twitter, Facebook, and Instance (for Instagram). This baby even has Windows Office built right in. So no more tracking down your assistant for that PowerPoint presentation, just upload it to the Windows’ SkyDrive and grab it on the fly. Get it? Sky/fly?… Ok; moving on…

The Windows Phone 8X is the only phone that features Live Tiles that let you customize your screen with your favorite apps, tools, people, and all essentials that keep you connected to the things that matter most. No scrolling through pages of endless apps, just pin the things that you use most to your start screen for easy access. You can even change the accent and background colors to suit your mood for the day. Hmmm… I’m feeling a bit festive today so I will go for the Lime. 😉

HTC Windows Phone 8X w/ Beats audio by Microsoft

The Windows Phone 8X is also packed with lots of neat features like Voice Search, Music Search, and Visual Search which uses your camera to identify products, DVD’s, books, etc and tells you where you can purchase them nearby. Check out a full list of features HERE. One of my favorite features is Local Scout. Let’s say you’re out and about looking for the nearest restaurant, shopping mall, or happening event in the area. Simply tap the search button then hit the Local Scout icon and the Bing™ genie (not actually a real genie) will send you suggestions on eateries, shopping, and things to do near you. Neat huh?! And, to make your search even more personalized you can sync Bing™ with Facebook to show you deals on the things you enjoy most…sorta like your very own personal concierge, less the British accent of course. 😀

As you can see there are lots of really cool features, but I especially love the front/rear-facing camera. No more bad selfies because I can easily see the shot before I snap it. Yeah!!! And I’m a Twitter and Instagram junkie too, so any chance I get to snap and post pics is like giving treats to a toddler…I can’t get enough! 😛 And the camera on this phone is uh-mazing! The pictures are so vivid and crisp! But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. All pics captured with HTC Windows Phone 8X in low, daylight, and nighttime lighting.

*Warning: Food images ARE NOT edible. Cannot be responsible for your dental bill should you attempt to indulge your cravings by eating your screen. Enjoy!

HTC Windows Phone 8X w/ Beats audio by Microsoft HTC Windows Phone 8X w/ Beats audio by Microsoft HTC Windows Phone 8X w/ Beats audio by Microsoft

So, be sure to stop by the Microsoft Store at Lenox Square in Atlanta, or your nearest Microsoft Store to pick up the latest in cellular candy, the Windows Phone 8X by HTC. And remember if you happen to snap any food shots try to resist eating them. You’ve been warned. 😉

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