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Chic looks for cheap

Hey all my fellow Fashionista’s!

Recently a friend asked if I could write an article for all the Divas out there who want that chic celebrity look, but don’t have a celebrities budget to pull it off. A fab look for a “Discount Diva” or a “Babe on a Budget” OR (my fav) “Chic for Cheap”. 😀

And, let’s face it ladies; times are tight these days, BUT we shouldn’t let our sense of fashion suffer because of it.

So, as I was on my way out to lunch for a quick bite, I pit stopped at the Goodwill store to see what hidden treasures I could find. YES, the Goodwill! I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s the place where you can find designer garments without the designer prices.

Jessica Alba in her Miu Miu shades
Jessica Alba in her Miu Miu shades



You will NEVER guess what I found.

A pair of 70’s retro shades that are similar to these Miu Miu beauties that Jessica Alba has been spotted wearing.

Nikka Shae rockin these Miu Miu inspired shades
Nikka Shae rockin these Miu Miu inspired shades




Now, you may want to be sitting down and/or within fainting distance of something soft when I tell you how much I paid for these bad boys. Take a wild guess… Give up?

Total price = $1.81

Don’t worry…I’ll wait a moment while the EMT’s administer CPR. 😀


In case you don’t know about these super HOT accessories, Miu Miu shades easily go for $150.00 or more at any high fashion store.

Hmmm….Looks like I’ll be paying the thrift stores another visit in the near future. 😀

So, while you’re out and about looking for the perfect piece to finish your fab look, AND, your credit card is screaming “No Mas!”, you should have a little mercy on it by dropping into your local thrift shop for a spell. You never know what hidden gems you’ll find there.

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