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It always seems fly by, but the holiday season is a time to push aside the hustle and bustle from our daily lives and take in every scent and twinkle. With this season you can expect gift giving, cooking, and spreading love while being with the ones you love. With the holidays upon us, there is no better feeling than picking out the perfect gift for the special people in your life, but this time of year can also be quite stressful. Here are some reminders that some of us may forget during this busy time of year in order to de-stress and prioritize.

  1. Start early. There is nothing worse than getting down to the wire and having to do last minute shopping in the overcrowded and lower stocked malls, so start earlier in the month so you can slowly put all of your ducks in a row before the holidays sneak up on you. 
  2. Take some TLC time for yourself. We are constantly surrounded by people during this month, so it is a must to take some time aside to spoil yourself and put your mind at ease. 
  3. Focus on what's important. Sometimes we can get caught up in all the gifts and get-togethers, but taking a little time to remember why we are doing all of this planning in the first place really helps put things in perspective. 
  4. Give back. There is no better time to get in the spirit of giving than around the holidays. So start spreading the joy to yourself and others by giving back, volunteering, or preforming small acts of kindness to make a big impact on somebody else's life. Click here to see how Simon has begun to #spreadlove this holiday season. 

Source: Simon Style Setter