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WITNESS Katy Perry’s New Tour Without Concert Tickets!

Xfinity Katy Perry Witness Tour

Any Katy-Cats in the house?! If you love rocking out to pop superstar Katy Perry as much as I do, boy are you in for a treat!! Katy’s new tour, WITNESS, is heading here in just a week! She will be performing at the Philips Arena right here in Atlanta on 12/12, and if you don’t have tickets yet, I recommend you snag them ASAP! (Early Christmas present idea, perhaps? Just saying…)

I’m so excited I’ll be attending the show, but for those who can’t swing tickets or simply want to indulge in as much Katy Perry as possible, I’ve got even more good news for you: You can be front-and-center at Katy Perry’s WITNESS tour without a ticket! 😮 Katy and Xfinity have partnered up to give fans the option to watch Katy’s ‘WITNESS: The Tour’ on-demand. That means, if you’re an Xfinity X1 customer, you’ll get amazing access to live concert streams, videos, interviews, and behind-the-scenes clips… Basically anything and everything you’ll need to follow along on Katy Perry’s WITNESS tour! How cool is that?

Xfinity Katy Perry Witness Tour

And while you’re watching at home, why not delight your Snapchat friends with a spirited selfie? There will be an exclusive Snapchat lens/filter for the WITNESS tour, which will “dress” you up as Katy during the tour! See, you don’t need to be famous to get star treatment. 😉 Gotta love those fun Snapchat filters!

Katy Perry Snapchat

So y’all already know where I’ll be on 12/12, but who else will be “witnessing” the fun with me?!

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

Hey, if you can’t get enough of Katy, catch her WITNESS tour and tons of other Katy candy on Xfinity X1  on-demand HERE. You’re welcome… 🙂

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Xfinity, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. This is so awesome! I have X1 and will definitely be downloading the app!

  2. It’s awesome that you can “be” at the concert without being at the concert. This is great for those who can’t make it to the actual concert.

  3. I’ll download this app for sure. My daughter will want to see this. She loves Katy Perry. I can take most of her music, so that’s a plus!

  4. I cannot wait to get all Katy-fied with the Snapchat filter while watching the concert. Yes, I’m a Katy-cat!

  5. I’m not a Katy Perry fan, but my daughters love her. I’ll have to make sure they have this app so they can watch!

  6. For those who love Katie Perry I am sure this concert would be wonderful. Not a fan but know she is popular.

  7. Have an absolutely amazing time at the show and how great does the app sound I may just have to go and download it!

  8. Okay, now that’s an awesome idea! Sometimes, parents have a hard time securing a babysitter so buying expensive tickets in advance is not ideal!

  9. My daughter loves Katy Perry and knows a lot of her songs. This is such a cool app. I love that technology makes so many things possible nowadays.

  10. I know a girl that likes Katy Perry. Concerts can be so difficult to go to, it’s nice that they’re making it available.

  11. I bet that is going to be a monster tour. I would love to check it out in person.

  12. This is good news! It is so expensive to avail tickets but it’s awesome what technology can do now! Enjoy the concert.

  13. What a fun thing to share on your blog! I love the idea of us being able to live vicariously through you. I have a neighbor who is a Katy Perry fan and I’ve passed your post along to her too. x

  14. This is so cool! I like Katy Perry. I can’t believe at my age I have never been to a concert lol.

  15. What a great idea. You can gather together with some friends and have a brilliant party!

  16. It’s so cool that you can watch the concert from home. What a great idea for a house party! I love Katy Perry and would love to see this.

  17. My daughter will be screaming her lungs out when she finds out about this. I think it is a good idea to be “virtually” present at the concert. That’s fantastic!

  18. This is so exciting , I am always amaze how technology evolves nowadays. This is a great app for concert lovers and of course for Katy Perry fan out there.

  19. What a great news! However, sad one for me because I am too far from Atlanta. Well, for sure there will be so many fans who will be there to watch and they are excited to see Katy Perry performing in person.