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Winter in Harem Pants

Fashionably brought to you by Simon Malls

Harem pants are a perfect mix of serious street-style and comfort. They are a style of pant popularized by M.C. Hammer, but they’ve been seen recently around the streets as they try to make a come back. I personally don’t know how I feel about this trend yet, but decided to give it a try before I write it off. Since we are in the midst of winter and the snow and cold temperatures that do not seem to be leaving us anytime soon, I styled the harem pants to fit the season.

Although harem pants come in many fun prints and patterns, a solid black pair is a nice way to test the waters with these pants. From there, you can pair your harem pants with a lot of things you might already have hanging in your closet. A classic grey T-shirt won’t pull away attention from the main event of the outfit, and drape really nicely with the pants too. To be a little warmer, a shearling leather jacket is not only on trend but will complement the style of the harem pants as well. A circle scarf in a fun color will make the outfit pop a little bit more and also doubles as an extra heat source. Finally, some combat boots play off of the grungy vibe and tie together the entire outfit.

Now you are ready to take on winter with the harem pants! Let me know how you style yours.

Source: Simon Style Setter