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Wandering Wednesdays: St. Paddy’s Day partying in Savannah

What happens when the Travel Divas and a swarm of St. Patrick’s Day partygoers set out to celebrate in Savannah? Well, let’s just say that when these divas throw a party, the Irish blush with envy. 🙂

Now, I’ve visited Savannah a time or two, and I must say there’s simply no other city like it. From the delicious southern cuisine to the city’s rich history, there’s so much to see and do here. Let’s see, there’s the beautiful architecture and gorgeous homes, moss draped cypress trees and lovely fountains scattered throughout the city — etc. etc. Heck, even Forrest Gump sat for a spell here. But as much history and nostalgia as Savannah offers, there’s simply nothing in the world like their St. Patrick’s Day celebration…literally. Hailed as the South’s largest and among the top St. Patrick’s Day parties in the world, the scene was set for a Travel Divas #CloverTakeover of the South’s first city.

Travel Divas St Patrick's Day

So, the Travel Divas, along with several busloads of Atlantans, set out to Savannah to paint the town…well…green. Hey, if you’ve never experienced a Travel Divas getaway you don’t know what you are missing! From the moment we were in motion the celebration was already in full swing! By the time we arrived in Savannah the fun had only just begun! And, the Travel Divas made getting to Savannah, well, a piece of pecan pie. 😛 But getting there was only half the fun.

Travel Divas St Patrick's Day

Whether it’s St. Paddy’s or Patty’s, the Travel Divas know how to roll out the green carpet for their guests. Drinks flowed and good times rolled as we took the party from the bus to the streets in an Irish-worthy celebration that lasted well into the night. Spirits poured and shamrocks shimmied as partygoers lined Savannah’s Riverfront walk in their flashiest kilt-clad and green-inspired fashion. Of course this was the perfect scenario for a social media takeover. So I and my blogger boo Kiwi The Beauty flooded social media, capturing each and every margarita-filled moment as the Official Travel Divas Blog Ambassadors. We had a jolly good time snapping candids throughout the day. You can check out all of the festive fun on social media using the hastag #EatDrinkNGetLucky.

Travel Divas St Patrick's Day

Hey, if you wanna travel in style, be sure to book your next glam-filled adventure like a diva with the Travel Divas! And be sure to check out the Travel Divas online to see which dazzling destination these lovely ladies will land next. 🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some post Paddy’s Day recovering to do… 😛

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

* Photos courtesy of Travel Divas

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