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Wander Lustin’ in the Mountains

I must admit…I’m a busy body. There, I said it. I’m always running around; here, there…everywhere…doing this, doing that. It seems like there’s never an end to my mayhem. Moments like this call for a break from the bustle to rejuvenate and get reenergized. Sometimes you just need to relax, slow things down, take deep breaths, and woosaaaah…

Hubby suggested that we get away someplace far away from everywhere. A place where we can kick our feet up and forget about everything (for a few days anyhow). And, just where is this woosah wonderland that you speak of Dear? In the mountains of course! 😀 So, we packed our bags, grabbed the kiddos, and a few friends, and headed for the hills.

Tucked far away from the chaos of the city, deep in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains is the cutest cabin this side of heaven. In fact it was literally so close to the heaven’s that it’s appropriately named Almost Heaven. The view was absolutely breathtaking! Let’s just say an inhaler would’ve come in handy. The cabin itself sits high above the tree tops with uh-mazing views as far as the eye could see. It was gorgeous!

Blue Ridge Mountains cabin Oh Nikka
My view for the weekend

With picturesque views and plenty of fresh air, the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains provided the perfect backdrop for lazy afternoons, starlit nights, and wishing the weekend would never end. What’s even more fab is that Blue Ridge is only a hop skip from the ATL. A quick 1.5 hour cruise and you’re there.

Blue Ridge Mountains cabin Oh Nikka

Not only was our cabin close to the cosmos, but it was sooo comfortable and oh so fabulous! I absolutely loved the rustic cabin chic décor. The kids especially enjoyed the game room and hot tub, and the fire pit was just begging for a smores party. 😀

Blue Ridge Mountains cabin Oh Nikka

But, as accommodating as the cabin was, we decided to sneak away for some recreational fun. First up was an afternoon at Blue Ridge Lake. The Hubby’s took the kids off to do a little fishing, but I think they spent most of the time seeing who could skip rocks the furthest across the water. While they were away my fellow Fabulista and I thought it would be the perfect time for a few seaside snaps before we were forced into skinning the day’s catch. 😐

Blue Ridge Mountains cabin Oh Nikka
Selfie Time with my Fabulista Talesha!

Up next was an extra special treat! We stopped by Mercier Orchard to take a tractor guided tour of the orchard and to grab some sweets for later. Mercier Orchards carry a vast variety of preserves, pastries, and other fruity goodies. Nuthin but wall-to-wall goodness goin on in there lemme tell ya. While on the tour we learned some interesting facts about the orchard and the many fruits that they harvest and process there such as strawberries, blue berries, peaches, and apples. Unfortunately the apples were not in season yet, so we didn’t get to pick any. 🙁 Hey, here’s an interesting fruit fact: Did you know that the only apple native to North America is the crab apple? Feel free to use that fun fact at any social gathering… You’re welcome. 🙂 The tour was super fun and educational, but don’t tell the kids that even on Spring Break they were still getting some schooling in. That’ll be our little secret, ok? 🙂

Blue Ridge Mountains Mercier Orchards Oh Nikka

There are so many attractions near Blue Ridge and lots of fun things to do like zip line, kayak, hiking, cave exploring, fishing, the list goes on. But if getting close with nature isn’t your thing, no worries. You can scratch your style-itch at one of the many boutiques scattered about town. Or, you can skip the wild and go for a little pampering at one of several spas in the area. Oh, and make sure you stop by Joe’s BBQ for some yummy fixin’s and the most mouth-watering potato salad this side of heaven. 😛

Blue Ridge Mountains Joe's BBQ
Sooo delish!!!

Blue Ridge is definitely one of the most fabulously fun escapes in Georgia. On my “I’ll-be-back” bucket list—a visit to Jacks River Falls to snap a few selfies by the stream. 😉 Until next time…

Blue Ridge Mountains cabin Oh Nikka
Bucket list approved!

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

Have you been to the Blue Ridge Mountains? What did you do while you where there?

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