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Truly fit for a King

“Greetings Your Majesty”, was the ambiance that was conveyed as I entered what appeared to be a kingdom exclusive to men, with the kind of service and convenience you’d expect from your very own personal stylist. But, this wasn’t some ancient city of medieval folklore, it was the Kings of Atlanta Grooming Lounge & Spa in Buckhead. A seemingly palatial facility that endeavors to give the men of Atlanta the royal treatment they deserve.

Hmmm…a spa for men. An uncommon notion you might say?

Your Kingdom awaits in the Grooming Courtyard
Your Kingdom awaits in the Grooming Courtyard

Believe it or not, men appreciate all the pampering that is generally reserved for women (at any spa around town). But, we (men) need a little bit more than a “mani and a pedi”, and someone to listen to our ups and downs with the opposite sex.  We desire a place where we can unwind from a hard day of ruling our worlds. A place where we can congregate with other like minded professionals to discuss business matters, or just to kick back and relax from conquering the day. A place where we can receive personal attention to refining our “swag” with styling advice that is tailored towards distinguishing ourselves from obscure men. A place where we can be groomed and “pampered” by skilled artists yet maintain our masculinity in the process.


The Kings of Atlanta offers these male exclusive luxuries and more.

Let The Royal Experience begin
Let The Royal Experience begin


At Kings of Atlanta you will receive detailing services from “crown to toe” that is typically reserved for royalty and referred to as The Royal Treatment. These services include fine haircuts, warm towel treatments, razor shaves and even relaxing shampoos. And that’s just the spa area. Head upstairs and enter into Solomon’s Quarters; with its full service tailoring consultants, a personal stylist, massage lounges and an executive boardroom dubbed the “Head of State” Conference Room.


Enter Solomon’s Quarters to tailor a look fit for a King
Enter Solomon’s Quarters to tailor a look fit for a King


The Monarchs (as the staff is respectfully referred to as) are a mixture of masters groomers, aestheticians, manicurists, image consultants, and massage therapists who are ardent at making each client feel Regal.

Now men, ask yourself…When was the last time you had a razor shave? Hmmm…

Honorably yours,



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  1. This article brings me visually inside the Kings of Atlanta. Very welcoming and visually impressive. Thanks for giving us an inside track into the Kingdom.

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