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Travel Divas host first-class experience for Falcons fans in New Orleans

What happens when the Travel Divas gather a flock of fabulous Falcons fans from Atlanta and head to New Orleans for a playoff party? Well, let’s just say that when these Divas hit Bourbon Street, the ‘Big Easy’ would never be the same, baybay!!! And if you thought Mardi Gras was the biggest celebration this side of the Bayou, well you haven’t partied with the Travel Divas.

And just who are the Travel Divas you ask? Well, if you’ve ever dreamed of vacationing in fabulous faraway places, or traveling all around the world as a “glamorous globe-trotter”, then the Travel Divas has your ticket to the most chic destinations anywhere everywhere!

Ok, now I’ve visited New Orleans a time or two, but I must say that I’ve NEVER traveled like this! From the moment we set off from the ATL to NO it was nothing less than a partay (spelled correctly)! And when I say we let the good times roll, I mean we did exactly that…all the way to Nawlin’s! From the comfort of a motor coach bus, with cocktails and sassy sips flowing the entire way; this was is by far the most fab and fun way to travel. The Travel Divas made getting to the Big Easy, well, a piece of Cajun cake. 😛 And getting there was only half the fun.


Upon arrival we were given a full itinerary of the events surrounding our trip along with a few must see and go-to spots to experience the best that the Bayou has to offer. The beautiful Hilton New Orleans Riverside hotel hosted us for our stay in New Orleans and I must say that I was pleasantly impressed by how gorg the hotel was.  Situated in the heart of downtown New Orleans with amazing views overlooking the mighty Mississippi River, the Hilton New Orleans Riverside is a site to behold. The hotel is also just steps away from some of the cities hottest attractions like the Audubon Aquarium, the French Quarter, Harrah’s Casino, and the Outlet Collection at Riverwalk with enough shopping to satisfy any Fashionista’s urge (or splurge should she hit it big at Harrah’s). 😉


Now you can’t go to a city like New Orleans and not take in some of the local flavor. And with so many restaurant options to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming. No worries. Thanks to Travel Divas the guests were suggested a few places that made eating in the Big Easy, well, easy! 🙂 Hubby and I opted for a riverside view at the Crazy Lobster where we indulged in the most delectable fresh seafood and fried pickles this side of heaven. But we didn’t come all this way to just shop and eat (even though those aren’t bad options in my opinion)… There was some football to be played and some partying to do! And the Travel Divas know how to throw a party!


First up was the Red & Black Party. Held at the Bourbon Cowboy, the Divas and a legion of Dirty Birds & Birdettes took over Bourbon Street. Literally! This private affair was held upstairs overlooking Bourbon Street, and I mean it was a sight to see! Falcons’ fans from all over filled the venue to capacity as we danced and partied well into the eve. And the partying didn’t stop there… It was time to take it to the streets of Nawlin’s as a sea of Falcon fanatics, fired up in support of the home team, filled Bourbon Street from end to end. Make no mistake about it, there were so many Falcons colors flying throughout the French Quarter that you would have thought the Saints were the visiting team. So after the Falcon’s takeover it was time to take on the New Orleans nightlife. Hubby and I decided to tiptoe over to Harrah’s Casino to the Masquerade Bar to dance the night away (and to try our luck at a few slots of course). 😉


Day #2 brought even more excitement and fun. The Divas along with the Falcons flock, kicked off the day with a surprise pep rally for the real stars of the show… the Falcons players! Talk about rise and shine! 🙂


Now, it was time to get down to business with some Falcons football. The Travel Divas hosted a watch party at Bayou Burger and Sports on Bourbon Street and the ATL was definitely in the house as the bar was overflowing with red and black as fans watched the Atlanta Falcons rise above the Saints to victory. The food at Bayou Burger was absolutely superb, and, fit for a champion-sized appetite. The eats were sooo delish, especially the Kickin’ Corn, which proved to be a fitting choice since the Falcons kicked a little you know what. 😉 After the game frenzied Falcons fans flooded the French Quarter to show their excitement for the Falcons win, shouting “Who Dat? We Dat!” and “Rise Up!” It was truly a sight to see and sooo much fun!


Nikka Shae with The Diva of Travel, Shanterria Thornton
Selfie time with the Diva of Travel, Shanterria Thornton

I must say that this was by far the most fun a girl diva can have. I had an absolute blast! Huge hugs to the fabulous Shanterria Thornton and her uh-mazing Travel Divas for hosting such a fabulous, fun, and first-class experience in NOLA! Lemme tell ya… These Divas know how to travel, and I can’t wait to see where and what’s next on their itinerary! 🙂


Hey, if you wanna travel in style, be sure to book your next glam-filled adventure like a diva with the Travel Divas! And be sure to check out the Travel Divas online to see which dazzling destination these lovely ladies will land in 2015. 🙂  Au revoir!

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

* Photos courtesy of Travel Divas

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  1. Nice write up! Love Falcons/Saints weekend in New Orleans!