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To Infinity Scarves… and Beyond

Have you been outside recently? You need a scarf. Like, really bad. 

Scarves are great because they're basically a publicly acceptable way to wear a blanket around your neck. Just take a look at this wondrous thing Lenny Kravitz did two years ago. But if you aren't as bold as Mr. Kravitz, then here are a few other options you might want to consider to protect that precious neck of yours this winter.


This Double Cable-Knit Eternity Scarf from Urban Outfitters is a chunky and perfect way to keep warm. It comes in black, red, and grey… not to mention that it can double as a pillow for catnaps at your desk. 


If eternity/infinity scarves aren't your thing, what is wrong with you? But whatever, you can still get this Marled Chunky Oblong Scarf from Urban Outfitters. Still chunky, perfect, and warm. Still able to use as a pillow. Just, you know… less infinite. 


In you're in the market for something more seasonally appropriate and classic, I'm in love with this burgundy plaid Mosaic Wool Scarf from J.Crew. Festive, retro, and casual, all in one look. 


Seeking a neck so warm Dante's Inferno would be jealous? This Bickley + Mitchell Scarf from Urban Outfitters has a cozy fleece lining that provides the ultimate winter protection. 


The Rail department at Nordstrom also has a variety of pieces perfect for any guy looking to up his scarf game. One of my favorites is this Geometric Knit Scarf with the fringed tips finish.