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The Wonderful World of Sprinkles

Once upon a time… in a city not so far away… there was a diva named Nikka Shae. On her quest to discover all things fabulous, Nikka would frolic around town in search of delightfully tasty treats. A connoisseur of confectionery goodness (her words of course), Nikka absolutely LOVES cupcakes! So our story begins with our “she-roe” Nikka Shae in search of an enchanted land of cupcake utopia. A place where bittersweet chocolates, natural citrus zests, and a hosts of fresh ingredients dance a tango of deliciousness in your mouth. Legend has it that in this wonderland the rivers flow like sweet cream butter while rolling hills of freshly baked pastries span the horizon as far as they eye can see. This magical land of gourmet goodies was all but a mouthwatering myth until one day, at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta; Nikka Shae discovered the Wonderful World of Sprinkles.

Sprinkles Cupcakes Atlanta Opening

Far from fairy-tale but just as enchanting, Sprinkles captures the imagination of cupcake lovers and sprinkles it with sweet feelings of childlike delight. Upon entering into the Cupcake Kingdom one can’t help but become spellbound by its charming ambiance. Candy-colored stripes line the walls while a muffin liner cut-through gives curious eyes a peek into the inner workings of the shops bakery. Patrons will delight at the chance to indulge in Sprinkles new Ice Cream and decadent Cookies, while curbing their cupcake cravings with Sprinkles signature treats topped with their trademark modern dot. In addition Sprinkles offers an extensive selection of flavors to satisfy every sweet tooth… There’s even cupcakes for fido! And to add to the shops grandeur, Sprinkles has the world’s first Cupcake ATM located outside the bakery where customers can dial-up their favorite treat whenever their sweet tooth calls. Cupcakes on-the-go… Now why didn’t I think of that?! 😀

Sprinkles Cupcakes Atlanta Opening

Candace Nelson Owner Sprinkles Cupcakes


Always “first” in cupcake creativity, Candace Nelson, the Queen of Cupcakes and Purveyor of Tasty Treats, brings her uber-chic Sprinkles bakery to Atlanta and delivers an enchanted experience that any cupcake connoisseur (like myself) will enjoy. With a variety of decadent desserts sprinkled with sweet imagination, Sprinkles Cupcakes offers the perfect recipe for fun!

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite
(aka the Connoisseur of Confectionery Goodness)

Sprinkles Cupcakes is located at 3393 Peachtree Rd in Atlanta, Georgia at Lenox Square Mall’s main entrance. Stop by and take your taste buds on a delicious adventure. Also be sure to catch Candace Nelson on Food Network’s hit show Cupcake Wars.

Check out this cute behind the scenes footage from the pre-Grand Opening event at Sprinkles ATL:

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