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The Wonderful Women of Bras

WARNING: The following contains an unnecessary amount of references to womens breasts. You know, the twins. Or, the chi-chis. Or my favorite, Thelma and Louise. You’ve been warned…

Once upon a time there was a diva named Nikka Shae. She lived a fabulous life filled with fun and fashion (of course), but, this diva was still unhappy. With all of the glamorosity in Nikka’s life she was missing the one most important thing that every diva should have… a bra that fits. After all, fashion is not as fun if the “biscuits” don’t fit in the oven. And, finding a bra that not only fits BUT looks cute is like spotting the mythical unicorn; you wanna tell everyone about it but you’re afraid that no one is gonna believe you. So, Nikka Shae and (for the sake of this story) her “tatas” set out on a quest to find the perfect fitting bra. Off they went, down the yellow brick road, searching far and wide, but she wasn’t having any luck. She visited shopping malls and department stores only to find that her choices were limited to what they had in stock. So she tried purchasing a bra online but just couldn’t seem to figure out how to get the correct measurements. So what was a girl (and her “girls”) to do? Nikka was surely giving up hope that she would ever find the perfect bra, when suddenly she spots an enchanted boutique that was beaming like “headlights” over “the hills,” in a magical land called Kennesaw Georgia. Could this be the place that Nikka has been searching for all along? Would Nikka find that magical fit that she had only dreamt about?

Nikka Shae at LiviRae Lingerie

Well lovelies, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore and this isn’t a dream. It’s a place. A fabulous place were “boobies” are happy and free (well, figuratively speaking that is). A wonderful place where bras and bustiers and corsets and camisoles all la-la and frolic in lingerie land. At last ladies, there really is an undergarment utopia and our diva, Nikka Shae, (and her “tatas”) had finally found the perfect fit, ♫somewhere, over the bra strap♫ at a fabulous boutique called LiviRae Lingerie. But, this is no ordinary boutique. LiviRae Lingerie is more than a place to pick up a few girly goodies for “special” occasions. You see, LiviRae carries a smorgasbord of sexy sleepwear, intimate apparel, fabulous jewelry & accessories, and most of all they specialize in custom fitted bras. That’s right! No more shopping experiences that leave you “sagging” with frustration. And most importantly no more wearing bras that simply don’t fit. LiviRae’s owners and bra-nistas Cynthia Richards and Molly Hopkins, are on a mission to get women into the right size bras…one cup at a time. This dynamic duo has inspired and empowered women everywhere to look and feel sexy no matter their size.

LiviRae Lingerie carries bras, bustiers, corsets, jewelry, shoes, and more

“No bust too big or small! They fit them all!”

LiviRae Lingerie specializes in a wide range of custom bra proficiencies, such as: Bra Fitting, Plus Size Bras, Custom Lingerie, Corsets, Bustiers, Plus Size Lingerie, Strapless Bras, Sports Bras, Augmentation Bras, Mastectomy Bras, Swimsuits, Bridal Lingerie, and much more.

Nikka Shae at LiviRae Lingerie

So if your “cups” runneth over, you should stop monkeying around and follow the yellow brick road to LiviRae Lingerie and let the Double Divas share their gift of lift to help you find the perfect bra! You can bet that “they’ll fit you, my pretty, and your “tatas” too!”

LiviRae Lingerie is located at 440 Ernest Barrett Pkwy, Suite #31 in Kennesaw, GA.

Double Divas: Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Richards of LiviRae Lingerie


Be sure to catch Molly and Cynthia on their hit TV show Double Divas which airs Tuesdays at 10pm EST on Lifetime network.







Check out a few pics from the Double Divas launch party at Twin Peaks in Buckhead.

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