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The Impossible Burger is Meat-Less But You’d Never Know It

Impossible Burger Grindhouse Killer Burgers

Imagine biting into a juicy, savory, perfectly cooked burger. Now, imagine your surprise to learn that burger wasn’t made of meat at all—it was a vegan burger! You’d freak out, right?! You’d say, “No way, that’s impossible! This burger definitely tastes like the real deal.”

And that’s exactly what this burger is: Impossible.

Making the Impossible Possible

The Impossible Burger is a no-meat patty that doesn’t use mushy veggie mash to mimic a beef burger. This delicious item has been in the making for five years! The team behind the Impossible Burger includes scientists, farmers, and chefs who studied immensely to perfectly match the deliciousness of meat burgers. And, because this patty is made from 0% cow and 100% plant it’s great for the environment because it uses 95% less land, 74% less water, and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions. Bet your meat burger can’t brag about that!

Impossible Burger Grindhouse Killer Burgers

So, what’s it made of?

The Impossible Burger is made of simple, all-natural ingredients such as wheat, coconut oil, and potatoes. But what makes this sandwich sizzle, smell, and taste like a burger made from cow is a secret ingredient called heme. It’s basically a building block of life and is especially abundant in meat—that’s what makes the Impossible “veggie” Burger impossibly tasty!

Impossible Burger Grindhouse Killer Burgers

As many of you all know, I’ve cut out meat since the summer, and I’ve been loving the transformations I’ve seen and felt with my body! It truly has been a great experience for me so far, but I have been missing my burgers! Anyone who’s tried veggie patties knows that they really aren’t the same as meat burgers, no matter how good your imagination is. But I can honestly say I was BLOWN AWAY by the Impossible Burger!

Me and the hubby (a die-hard carnivore btw) were invited to taste the Impossible Burger at Grindhouse Killer Burgers in Decatur, and even the hubs couldn’t believe how much it tasted like his usual meat patties. Now I’ll admit I was a little skeptical since I’d feasted on quite a few “burgers pretending to be burgers” since I’ve kicked meat to the curb. After bite #1 my first thought was this can’t be possible. So, I had to take a second bite just to be sure. And then, a third for good measure. 😛 By bite #6 I was totally convinced that this was no ordinary veggie burger… I had just experienced THE most dee-lish non-meat burger these chops have ever chomped. My hubby and I both agree that nothing comes close to the Impossible Burger. This baby is a game changer!

Impossible Burger Grindhouse Killer Burgers Impossible Burger Grindhouse Killer Burgers Impossible Burger Grindhouse Killer Burgers Impossible Burger Grindhouse Killer Burgers

Even if you’re not vegan, you have got to try this burger! Maybe treat yourself to a Meatless Monday and head to Grindhouse for one of these amazing patties. Trust me… Once you take a bite you’ll find it impossible to put down. 😉

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

Hey, if you want to learn more about the Impossible Burger visit the Impossible Foods website. Also be sure to stop by Grindhouse Killer Burgers at 433 N McDonough St, in Decatur to try a patty, or four. 😀

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  1. No way! That sounds really good actually! I am going to have to try one 🙂

  2. I’m not vegan myself but I have tried some of those veggie burgers that taste nothing like a burger and they were just unpleasant. These sound perfect for people that converted to vegan.

  3. I absolutely love trying new veggie burgers. I don’t miss the meat at all and that burger looks scrumptious – just like the real thing.

  4. Well, I’m intrigued. I’m all about the meat, but I’d give this a try. It looks really tasty.

  5. I have had a few veggie burgers in my day and I agree, they don’t taste like a burger. I am so intrigued by this.

  6. I would try this in a heartbeat just to see if it could pass the test. Looks really good and like the real thing.

  7. This really sounds wonderful! I have tried serving some meatless meals to my guys that they didn’t like. This looks like something they would really like.

  8. I generally like a veggie burger so I am totally curious to try this one. It looks so substantial and delicious. It would be a delicious dinner. Wish I could have it tonight!

  9. Oh my freaking goodness. Meatless too?! That was made for me, I’m sure of it. It looks delicious!! Great photos too!

  10. Oh how cool is that! It’s awesome that you ended up liking it. I think I’d enjoy a meat-free burger like this.

  11. I would love to try this burger. I am always looking for new vegetarian dishes to try. It looks so delicious.

  12. WOW I am so shocked and 100% interested in trying it out. It looks delicious and such like a real burger, I’d definitely try it once!

  13. We are all about Meatless Mondays and I would love to try this burger! Looks YUMMY!!!

  14. That burger looks just so dang good! I am really interested in trying it, it doesn’t look meatless that’s for sure!

  15. Being vegetarians ourselves, we will definitely freak out on these burgers. They look really tempting and healthy too.

  16. It sure looks like a real meat patty! I have to check this out too. I mean, I am not vegan but would be willing to try healthier options like this impossible burger!

  17. Wow, it’s nice to know that there are burgers now that are actually vegan. I’d love t o try this too. Hopefully I can find a store nearby.

  18. This looks so yummy! You would never even know it’s meatless. I honestly could be a vegetarian VERY easily!