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Support Tomorrow’s Leaders with Coca-Cola’s Pay It Forward Program

Coca-Cola Pay It Forward

Moms, relatives, neighbors, mentors, and teachers, listen up! This is your chance to help your kid or a deserving teen reach up and grab ahold of their goals. The Coca-Cola Pay It Forward program is offering up to 25 teens the chance to a $5,000 scholarship towards higher education and the opportunity to attend a 3-day trip to the Coca-Cola Pay It Forward Academy right here in Atlanta!

The program is open to high school students, grades 9-12, and their mentors/ moms/ guardians. Nominators must be at least 13 years of age or older, and eligible teens may also choose to nominate themselves. But, act fast — nominations must be received by March 31st! Winners will be notified around June 20th.

As a nominator, moms, you get the chance to enrich the life of your teen by way of the mentorship, leadership, and networking he or she will experience at the Academy. If there’s a teen in your life who could use a little boost towards reaching their dreams, I highly recommend you nominate them right now, considering you only have a couple days left!

Last year, the program awarded 22 students a $5,000 scholarship and a trip to the Academy. Even more, a large supporter of the program is R&B artist Tyrese Gibson. The importance of a mentor in a kid’s life is crucial, according to Tyrese whom I met at Coke Headquarters last Friday during a roundtable interview. He told us that his high school music teacher Reggie Andrews played a great inspirational part in mentoring him through a program called MOLD: Men of Locke Delegation. Since Tyrese attributes much of his own success to Coca-Cola where he got his big break, he wants to “pay it forward” in helping today’s youth realize their own dreams.

Coca-Cola Pay It Forward
Coca-Cola HQ in Atlanta

Coca-Cola Pay It Forward

Coca-Cola Pay It Forward Tyrese Gibson
Coca-Cola Pay It Forward Ambassador, Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson’s testament to the importance of having someone believe in you is very much personified in the Pay It Forward program. In relation to his partnership with Coca-Cola for this initiative, he said, “I’ve learned it’s not lonely at the top if you help someone else get there.”

It’s so true! We all need a boost sometimes, and when others offer valuable resources to help the less fortunate conquer their own doubts… That’s what I love about society!

Don’t waste any more time in nominating a deserving teen with big dreams — Visit Coke.com/PayItForward now!

And don’t forget to join the conversation on Twitter using #CokePayItForward. Change someone’s future today!

Nominations for Pay It Forward end on March 31st! 

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  1. Kudos to Coca Cola for doing this. I love it when big companies pay it forward like this!!

  2. What an amazing opportunity! I remember applying for a scholarship from Coca-Cola when I was in high school and I thought..man, this would be so cool if I earned it. I didn’t, but a local girl did and it was neat to see her get recognition from such a huge company!

  3. More large companies should take after this one! This is a fantastic thing for them to be doing, its a shame that more dont!

  4. What a wonderful program! I think that anything that encourages paying it forward is awesome. And I love the aspect of a mentorship! That is so important for kids!

  5. What an amazing program! I love that a corporation works to pay it forward! This one looks so amazing!

  6. This is an amazing program. I had amazing dance teachers growing up who really changed my life so I totally understand the importance of a great mentor. So many kids dont have that and thats so sad.

  7. Wow, you got to meet Tyrese? It’s so inspiring to see celebrities supporting good causes. Coca-Cola offered scholarships to a number of teens in my high school. As a previous high school counselor, I encouraged my students to apply to this amazing program/opportunity.

  8. This is awesome! It is so important to set an example and give back to society. I would love to see more companies do this

  9. That is fantastic that they’re awarding students a $5,000 scholarship and a trip to the Academy. I deep admiration for programs like this! – HilLesha

  10. I love love it when big companies that undoubtedly have the resources give back. It’s good karma.

  11. Love this whole campaign. It’s so important to help others when you have the chance to do so. 🙂

  12. what an absolutely fantastic program. I love that coco-cola is taking an interest in helping communities out.

  13. Wow that is amazing!!! I love to see celebs using their talents to help out others! Great program to give scholarships to kids who need it!

  14. This is such a fantastic opportunity! It’s awesome to see when big companies pay it forward. It would be great if more large companies did this.

  15. We looked at this program, but unfortunately, my son isn’t old enough yet. He’s only in the 6th grade. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Thank you for letting me know about the Coca-Cola Pay It Forward program! I am thrilled they offer scholarships to worthy teens! I am now looking into if this program is also offered in my vicinity. I know a few teens I would love to nominate!

  17. Thank you for sharing this fabulous opportunity with us! I can’t begin to describe how important the people who mentored me when I was in high school are to where I am today and I fully believe in passing that along to others…so now I’m off to nominate a teen!

  18. What a great program! I love that Coca Cola does this, Im going to keep it in mind for next year! Thanks

  19. This is so neat I had no idea about this program. I’m close to atlanta u really need to take my kids to the world if coke

  20. what an amazing program. i wish i could take advantage of something like this

  21. what a great campaign with an even better message. AND I am sooooooo jealous that you got to meet Tyrese as I have a huge crush on him! Oh my goodness girl!!!!!! 😉

  22. Wow, that’s amazing! It’s so great that Coca-Cola is doing this!

  23. i love Coke and I recently found the bottle with my name on it abd my sisters. She passed last year so it was nice finding her name on the bottle.

  24. Oh major points to Coca Cola for this one! I love seeing big companies give back and this movement is just amazing!

  25. Tyrese! I am so jelly…I love him! Kudos to Coke, they keep doing amazing things. I really think this campaign is great.