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Style Spotlight: 7 Seasonal Sweaters by Free People

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Hey Simonistas!

It can be stressful trading in your autumn cardigans for heavy winter coats. What will you wear now? It seems like just yesterday you were switching from skirts to pants, and now you’ve got to reevaluate your wardrobe all over again. Don’t let it daunt you… Free People has you covered, literally! They carry a chic collection of sassy sweaters like cardigans, chunky style, cable knits, and everything else in the seams. Add these sweaters to your winter wear and you’ll be seamlessly stylish for days on end.


1. Oversized Sweaters

Cozy comes in at Number One, and it feels like it should be a crime when you can wear a giant sweater with leggings and call it fashion. Go the extra mile and find ones with not-too-tacky knitted nature scenes. It’s the fun way to celebrate the season!

Free People Oversized Sweaters

Cara Mia Poncho 8.00, Snowflake Reflection Pullover 8.00


2. Turtleneck Sweaters

Stay warm this season and skimp on the scarf – turtlenecks are the best way to bundle! All you’d need to complete this outfit is your favorite pair of jeans.

Free People Turtleneck Sweaters

Love Worn Cable Turtleneck 8.00, Dylan Tweedy Pullover 8.00


3. Chunky Sweaters

With a cozy, chunky sweater, you’re just a cup of hot cocoa away from enjoying a winter wonderland. A statement necklace is the perfect addition for ultimate style success!

Free People Chunky Sweaters

Teddy Bear Pullover 8.00, Following Directions Zipper Cape 8.00


4. Cable Knit Sweaters

A winter style sample for years, the cable knit sweater is a go-to look that will never fail you. Simple, classic, and forever flattering, you’ll look like you’ve been ready for winter all year long.

Free People Cable Knit Sweaters

Studded Crop Sweater 8.00, Brownstone Cable Cardigan 8.00


5. Pastel/Powdered Sweaters

For a softer look, choose a pastel, powder-colored sweater, and you’ll fit right in with the crisp air. You’ll look fresh and the light, bright colors will remind you of warmer days!

Free People Pastel/Powdered Sweaters

Waiting for a Girl Like You Cashmere Sweater 8.00, Chunky Oversized Pullover 8.00


6. Solid Colored Sweaters

Keep it simple and ditch the prints for classic sweater style. With basic tones, you can wear fun leopard print scarves or statement jewelry to transform your look for any occasion.

Free People Solid Colored Sweaters

Chunky Oversized Pullover 8.00, Always Allright Pullover 8.00


7. Fuzzy Sweaters

Faux is fabulous, so stock up on fake fur and similar textures for cute, fuzzy fashion. It’ll look luxurious without the designer price tag. This snuggly style is a must-have!

Free People Fuzzy Sweaters

Turn the Wind V Neck Sweater 8.00, Polar Bear Pullover .00


Stop by Free People at Lenox Square to find a fabulous sweater to make you and your winter wardrobe feel all warm and fuzzy. And always remember to Live Life in Style!

~ Nikka Shae – www.ohnikka.com

Source: Simon Style Setter