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Snow Storm Inspiration: Lazy Sunday

Fashionably brought to you by Simon Malls

Sometimes there is nothing better than just lounging around in your house in your PJs all day long. We spend all week working hard, and every now and then we need to give ourselves a little mental health day. So if you need some TLC and the snow is pilling up outside, spend this lazy Sunday bundled up in some cute and comfy sleepwear.

Lace: Nordstrom // Satin: H&M // Onesie: Abercrombie // Shorts: Aerie // Striped set: Jcrew // Sleep shirt: PINK Victoria’s Secret¬†

Lately, stores have been stepping up their A-game in the sleepwear department. PJs are no longer just for sleeping, they’re a trendy statement. So if you’re feeling a bit lazy and you don’t plan on going anywhere, you can still spend the day in some stylish PJs. While most of my sleepwear collection consists of oversized T-shirts and slouchy sweats, there are those few pieces in my sleepwear collection I just can’t get enough of.

My personal fav, the sleep shirt. An effortless light-weight piece that makes you feel feminine and sexy the second you throw it on. The options are endless in the pajama department. You can go silky, lacy, or even have some funky prints. No matter your sleep style, you are sure to start building up your collection once you realize how fun it is to shop for pajamas.

What is your favorite piece in your sleepwear collection?

Source: Simon Style Setter