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Silver Dollar City: A Hair-Raising Good Ole’ Time!

Hey, I have just discovered THE most fun and exciting time any summer could handle!!! Filled with lots of thrills and chills, and that was just in the first few minutes! I’m talking about the fabulously fun and uh-mazing Silver Dollar City. Located in the historic hills of beautiful Branson, Missouri, and just a hop skip from everywhere, Silver Dollar City brings old-time traditions of the past and forges them into the present with loads of fun and excitement. From the festivals to the food, to the craftsmanship and culture, the sights and sounds of southern living are aplenty as life in the 1880’s comes alive at Silver Dollar City. “Made from scratch,” “home grown,” and “hand crafted” are not catchphrases at Silver Dollar City. Adding to its overall charm and character, these terms are more commonplace than cliché. Situated above the National Natural Landmark Marvel Cave, Silver Dollar City is steeped in history and tradition and ripe with culture; Oh yeah… did I mention… It’s also a theme park!

Silver Dollar City Branson Missouri

Truly an attraction, Silver Dollar City is more like an amazement park. I was in total awe. Upon entering, park-goers are greeted with a fabulous display of nature in full bloom. Colorful flowers, beautiful plants and trees were everywhere! I love that this theme park is, well, and actual park. Many theme “parks” these days are more like concrete playgrounds which can make having fun not so fun, especially under the unbearable summer sun. But Silver Dollar City was built around the luscious landscape of the Ozark Mountains where lots of plants and shade trees provide plenty of cover and comfort when the temps get high. And there are so many spots to kick up your heels and sit for a spell before taking on the next thrill. And speaking of thrills, Silver Dollar City has thrill rides so daring your hair will literally stand up on the back of your neck (or on your head, in my case). First up on the thrill list was the world famous Outlaw Run. A first of its kind in many ways, Outlaw Run is by far the world’s most daring roller coaster. Constructed of wood (yes wood) and featuring the world’s first and only double barrel roll on a wood coaster and three inversions (I personally counted them—with my eyes closed of course) :-), Outlaw Run has coaster enthusiasts all across the globe lining up for a spin. Outlaw Run is also the steepest wood coaster with a first drop of 162 feet at 81 degrees – nearly vertical, and reaches a top speed of 68 miles per hour. WOW! Unfortunately I had to learn these fun facts the hard way when my wig and I quickly parted ways on the first drop. LOL It’s true!!! Lucky for me there was a gift shop nearby where I found this fabulous crocheted cowgirl hat to rock in the absence of my lovely but detached locks. Well, Outlaw Run was literally the most “hair-raising” good time a gal (and a few squirrels) could have, as I’m sure the local critters had a delightful afternoon playing with my beloved doo that I left atop the trees. 🙂 Squirrels, you can thank me later. 🙂

Silver Dollar City Branson Missouri

Now, if speed and spills are your thing, Silver Dollar City has quite a few adventure rides that warrant a scream or two–or four, like the PowderKeg which “blasts off” from 0 to 53 mph in just 2.8 seconds! Thrill seekers can also test their bravery on the 81-foot-tall Thunderation roller coaster that takes its riders through the treetops on a runaway mine train, or conquer your fear of heights on the high-flying, multi-looping, cobra-rolling WildFire roller coaster. Maybe you just wanna spend a lazy afternoon on the swing… Well, The GIANT Barn Swing will take you on a 7 story-high adventure that’ll have you screaming for more.

Silver Dollar City Branson Missouri

There’s loads of fun and adventure for the kiddies too. There’s the RiverBlast where rafters and spectators take to their water guns to make for the wettest and wildest adventure ride this side of the Mighty Mississippi. Wanna take a ride along the raging rapids of the Ozarks? Well the Lost River of the Ozarks, whisks you along a wild whitewater ride where getting wet is the least of your worries. And for the littlest of land lovers, there’s Geyser Gulch. Hailed as the world’s largest treehouse, the kiddies will find endless hours of playtime fun at the Gulch. Or you can take your little ones on a big adventure at the Half Dollar Holler, or soar high in the sky on the Wings of Wonder. There are so many activities for your little explorers at Silver Dollar City. You can also take the kiddies on a leisurely train ride through the park’s beautiful Ozark countryside aboard the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train, but watch out for those pesky train robbers waiting in the bushes. Yikes!!! J See the other exciting Silver Dollar City rides and attractions HERE.

Silver Dollar City Branson Missouri

Now, Silver Dollar City aint just for thrill seekers either. There’s also cooking, crafting, and culture goin’ on here. Now when I say that food is aplenty at Silver Dollar City I mean there’s literally a smorgasbord to choose from. Want something sweet? Then skip on over to Brown’s Candy Factory for a little confectionary fun as candy makers whip up something sweet right before your eyes. Or maybe you prefer something with a little more sizzle. Well no Ozark feast would be complete without delicious smoked meats, a little BBQ, and some home-style cookin courtesy of the park’s many convenient eateries like the Riverside Ribhouse that has the most succulent pulled pork sandwich these choppers have ever tasted. Take a whiff while you’re there as the sweet aroma of freshly baked breads and pastries fill the mountain air from the park’s many kitchens and bakeries. Heck, they had me at sticky buns!

Silver Dollar City Branson Missouri

Park-goers can also enjoy a little sangin’ and fiddlin’ with their feast as impromptu performances seem to spring up at every turn. As I made my way through the park I couldn’t help but be in total awe of how authentic everything looked. It felt like we’d been magically transported back to an era gone by. I mean the Silver Dollar Citizens were not only in character the entire time but they wore period style fashion which made for a truly authentic experience. I mean, where else can you hear the clanging of iron being forged over a hot flame, or see an expert craftsman carve and shape wood into amazing works of art…right in front of you?! Well at Silver Dollar City you can stop by the Wilderness Road Blacksmith Shop for a live demonstration on the time-honored tradition of metal work, or see Glass Blowers, Chip Carvers, Potters, and Bladesmiths skillfully sculpt amazing hand crafted creations. There’s so much hands-on edu-tainment at Silver Dollar City… see what else they’re crafting HERE.

Silver Dollar City Branson Missouri

From caverns to taverns to shade trees and jubilees there’s something for everyone at Silver Dollar City. What I loved most about Silver Dollar City is that it not only has all of the high-flying fun and exciting attractions that you’d expect from a theme park, BUT what sets them apart is the immediate sense of family among the Silver Dollar Citizens. Everyone was so genuinely friendly and neighborly… Heck, they even sent out a search party for my wig, which should be arriving home very soon.

♪ Reunited and it feels so good!

Hey, Silver Dollar City is truly a treasure hidden in the hills, and an unforgettable experience that is utterly priceless. Scoot on down to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri for a little southern charm, lots of hospitality, and some hair-raising fun!

Be sure to stay tuned for more summer fun from beautiful Branson, Missouri!

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