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Out-of-the-box beauty brand Birchbox brings the goods to Atlanta

Recently I was invited by Team Birchbox for an exclusive peek at their “out-of-the-box beauty” concept firsthand, and I must say that they’ve taken beauty to new roads…literally! If you don’t know what Birchbox is yet, it’s about time you jump on this beauty bandwagon! For newbies: Birchbox is a subscription service that makes trying new beauty products a breeze – once you sign up and create a profile, a box of personalized products matching your preferences arrives at your doorstep. The samples range across hair, body, skincare, makeup and fragrance categories, so you can stay on top of your regimens flawlessly.

Birchbox Road Trip Atlanta
Beauty beauties all boxed-up and ready to explore!

And they let men in on the fun, too! Birchbox had such success with their female customers that the guys started to get a little envious. So Birchbox Man & Lifestyle was created – to fit the needs of the guy who craves new grooming goodies. Soon enough, Birchboxes for men and women were dominating the doorsteps across the country!

Birchbox Man Road Trip Atlanta
Now the guys can get their groom on too!

But Birchbox didn’t want to stop there. Their newest venture involves a partnership with River Studios, featuring a whole new dimension of engagement. Offering a virtual reality component using cardboard viewers, lucky subscribers download the coinciding app, easily insert their smartphone, and they are instantly experiencing exciting adventures simply by looking up, down and around. Soo cool!!!

Birchbox Road Trip Atlanta
See beauty in a whole new way!

To launch this new venture, the Birchbox Team has embarked on a fabulous Road Trip to bring the goods straight to our cities… And Atlanta was the first stop!

When they arrived to Atlanta, Birchbox transformed two shipping containers and made them into fabulous full-service beauty and grooming shops nestled on a radiant roof deck garden. We were able to sample their top-rated summer essentials and get mini-makeovers right on the spot! We could also build our very own Birchboxes! Whoot!!! While I was browsing their full-sized samples available for purchase, the staff was so helpful in picking beauty products perfectly personalized just for me…and my Hubby! 😀

Birchbox Road Trip Atlanta Birchbox Road Trip Atlanta

There were also special appearances by YouTuber Jenn Im, Cynthia Bailey from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and the Atlanta Falcons’ Roddy White, making this event one to remember. And remembering certainly won’t be a problem, because I was sure to soak up the social media station, snapping glamtastic selfies galore. And I definitely couldn’t pass up a pose or two with friends! After all, I never let a fresh makeover go to waist! 😉

Birchbox Road Trip Atlanta Cynthia Bailey Roddy White
RHWOA Star Cynthia Bailey & Atlanta Falcons’ Receiver Roddy White dropped by to build their own Birchbox
Photo Credit: Ben Rose
Birchbox Road Trip Atlanta
Photo fun!!!

It’s safe to say that Birchbox brought the beauty and grooming game to Atlanta and won me over. Curious where they’re headed next? If you’re in the Chicago area this weekend or in Los Angeles August 28th-30th, you’re in luck! Head on over to Birchbox Road Trip to see the deets on these stops. Prepare to be pampered and treat yourself at this out-of-the-box event! 😀

Be sure to find + follow the fun on social media using #BirchboxInMyCity + #BirchboxManInMyCity

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