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My Kia Chronicles: I’m Soul’d!

Earlier this year I had the chance to take a spankin new Kia Sorento out for a spin and capture all of the fun in My Kia Chronicles. A simple test drive… Sounds easy enough, right?! Well, let’s just say that the Sorento got a taste of just how far from simple my life can get. Let’s see; we attended a Middle School orchestra performance… a Skatepark grand opening event… we grabbed a bite to eat at the local café… did a little ice skating… attended the Nutcracker ballet… got all dolled up for a photo shoot… caught a movie premiere… went for a night out on the town… attended a fabulous fashion show with Clinton Kelly… AND celebrated my birthday/anniversary in grand style. Wheeeew!!! Well, needless to say, the Kia Sorento was definitely up to the task and handled a week of my busy life with ease. So, when I got a chance to do it all over again with another Kia, I was Soul’d! The cool new Kia Soul was next up to boogie oogie with this blogger, and after a far-out adventure this summer I must say that this baby was loads of fun and Dyn-o-mite! 😉

This time around I decided to take the Soul on the road for a little lots of sand and sun. Destination… Fabulous Destin, Florida! Now if you’ve ever seen a Kia Soul, you might say “That’s way too small for the open road.” Well let me tell ya… Not only does the Kia Soul handle the rigors of the road with ease, but it looks good doing it. The Kia Soul is a stylist little hatchback that grabs your attention…like when a designer handbag goes on sale. (Well, that’s what grabs my attention anyhow 😉 ) And with a host of happenin’ features that make it even more funkier, the Kia Soul definitely has a lot of soul! From the moment you push the Start button, you’re in for one groovy ride!

Kia Soul review

The Kia Soul features leather trimmed seats that hug you better than your favorite Aunt. The spacious cabin for 5 with loads of legroom will have you feeling like you’re kicked back seaside in a hammock…less the sand between your toes of course. 🙂 The smooth ride makes those long hours of travel an afterthought. And, while you’re coasting to the coast you can still catch a few rays courtesy of the Soul’s panoramic sunroof. Talk about room with a view! Oh, don’t worry about where to store your getaway essentials because there’s enough cargo room to fit a small cabana. This baby even beats to its own drum…literally. Because surround sounds from the Infiniti® speakers change color to the pulse of the beat. Now that’s cool!!! Stay fully charged with the many convenient USB ports located throughout the interior so you can easily get plugged-in to what’s happenin’ on social media. And with the Soul’s Sirius XM radio you can keep the tunes pumpin on those long rides between “I don’t ever wanna go home” and “What day is it again?

Kia Soul review
Kia Soul review

And as much fun as it was to take the Kia Soul out to catch some rays on the beach, I was itchin to show it off at a few events back home in the ATL.

Kia Soul review Kia Soul review Kia Soul review

So if you’re looking for a high fly’n—horseback ride’n—waterparkn’—boardwalk’n—beachside dine’n—crab catch’n—Kendra Scott’n—LegoFest’n—True Food Kitchen’n—Chattanoog’n—road trip’n—good time, the Kia Soul can handle all of your wild adventure’n. 🙂

Huge hugs to Kia Motors for the test drive… The Soul is a cool little ride with a lot of soul, and judging from the stares I got while driving it, I’m sure it grabbed a few hearts too. 😉 Experience the new Kia Soul and don’t be surprised if you find yourself planning your next road trip. 🙂

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