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Mocha Moon’s Perez Beauty Case

Well Lovelies, I need an intervention. There, I said it.

I’m beginning to come to the realization that my fetish for makeup and accessories has taken a serious turn for the worst. And, as bad as it seems, unfortunately I’m not alone. Ask yourself this question… Has my mode of transportation become a “mobile makeup station” filled with cosmetics and accessories in just about every available nook and cranny? Well, if your blush and mascara have become your co-passengers then you just might be in need of an intervention too. You see, I regularly attend events so I’m always on the go, and often times I have to become Mimi the Makeup Artist and glam up in the comfort of the front seat of my SUV. So needless to say I have an abnormal stash of cosmetics, accessories, shoes, and clothing (yes clothing) at the ready, scattered throughout my truck, just in case I need a quick fix between events. Yep, I (we) need some serious help yall. 😐

Perez Beauty Case by Mocha Moon Well, luckily there’s hope for divas like me (us). 😉 That’s right ladies! Help has finally arrived! It’s called the Perez Beauty Case by Mocha Moon. Created by Atlanta businesswoman and on-the-go-preneur, Lori Louis, this versatile and elegant cosmetic bag is nothing short of the ultimate cosmetic organizer (and lifesaver in my case). It features two transparent storage pouches that can easily be removed to conveniently fit inside your handbag or clutch. It also features several slotted sections that can effortlessly accommodate anything from makeup pencils to large powder brushes, to jewelry and even accessories; the possibilities are limitless. Each removable section has Velcro attachments so they can readily return to their place within the case. Too fab!!! No more opening your makeup case only to find that your lipstick has found a new home inside your blush case. 😐 The Perez Beauty Case is wrapped in soft reptile-skin embossed faux leather that gives it a very luxurious presence. It also comes in a variety of colors to suit even the most discerning divas tastes. My color of choice was a haute pink tone called“The Rose of Sharon.” Other colors include Midnight Blue, The Color Purple, Tranquil (deep turquoise), Wine, and Sunset (deep orange).

Perez Beauty Case by Mocha Moon

The Perez Beauty Case by Mocha Moon is a definite must have for any on-the-go diva that requires a little organization of her makeup arsenal. And at under $40 this gem is the prefect gift to give to any woman with style. But trust me, you’ll want to keep it for yourself. 😉

Visit MochaMoon.com to snatch up your very own Perez Beauty Case. If only they made an organizer for my shoes and clothing… Hmmm. Oh well, at least I have one thing crossed off my list…Now, only 11 more steps to go. 😉

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

Wanna see Mocha Moon’s Perez Beauty Case in action? Check out this video!

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  1. Nikka, I’m so glad you love our Perez Beauty Case! Thank you for this awesome post, and I look forward to meeting you in person soon.

    1. Hey Lori! Your Perez Beauty Case has been a true lifesaver for me and now I can’t imagine living without it. Now when I look over into the passenger seat there’s something fabulous looking back at me. 😀 I’m excited about meeting you too!!! She-EO’s rock!!!