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Make Me Fab Mondays: The New Color of Fashion

Pssst…Hey Dēvas…
I couldn’t wait to share a little secret with you. (looking over shoulders…) I think I have just discovered a diamond called Zoya nail polish… Shhhh … I will tell you how I stumbled on this gem of a find…

As many of you know, I’m always scouting around looking to uncover new and exciting things to write about. So, while tweeting around Twitterland, I stumbled on @Zoya_NailPolish, and in true fashion I had to indulge my curiosity and go for a closer look. At the time, Zoya was running a special promo to receive a few samples from their collection. Of course I wanted to see what this company was all about, so I put my sample request in and a week later my package arrived. Yeah! And just like a kid at Christmas I couldn’t wait to open my new gift. 😀

Zoya nail polish colors Yara and Anja
Zoya nail polish colors Yara and Anja

In the package were two colors from Zoya’s Fall Collection called Anja and Yara. Anja is described as “a rich, deep, vampy red-toned wine purple with a glossy crème finish”, while Yara is defined as “a medium smoky olive drab with an illuminating splash of bright gold glitter”.

I could no longer contain my joy so I decided to try the Anja color, and immediately applied a quick test coat to my nails. And to my sheer amazement, within a few minutes my nails were completely dry! But, that’s not all… the color was very vibrant…and the shine…let’s just say I was at a loss for words, which is a rare occurrence according to several people who wish to remain anonymous. 😉

I could not believe what I had just witnessed. (Queue jaw drop and cherub serenade) O:-) My initial reaction was to throw myself backwards in a dramatic fainting motion, but instead I proclaimed my glee by shouting “WHAT!!!” Yea, yeah, I know that’s not your “typical” comeback response, but work with me here. 🙂 So, as a result of my “unorthodox” reaction, my daughter hears me, and her curiosity brings her in for a closer look. She looks at my nails, and then back at me, and in typical “kid-truthiness” fashion, she announces “Mommy, your nails are still wet!” A sudden look of bewilderment came over me as I just realized that the words “wet” and “nails” had rarely been used together in my many countless manicures before. 😐 I was simply amazed at the mere notion of what had just happened; especially since I had not applied any primer or base coat beforehand nor did I apply a top coat afterwards.

The following day, I, with my Zoya Anja in tow, headed over to the Polished Beauty Lounge in Smyrna for a fresh mani and pedi…and a mimosa (which they offer to patrons on Sundays). 😛 And as always, the wonderful ladies at Polished did a fabulous job…and, guess what? They use Zoya nail polish in their salon as well! (insert patter clap) YEAH!!!

Zoya Professional Lacquer
I love my new Zoya nails!

Now Dēvas, we ALL love it when our nails have that wet, glossy look just after they are done. And if the color AND shine lasts for more than a few days we are “reluctantly” satisfied with the outcome. But the reality is that shine and color usually start to fritter away much sooner than we’d like, and that’s something that we’ve all grown a little too accustomed to.

Now, I must admit that I’m a bit heavy handed at times. So much so that M&M’s don’t melt in my hands, but, they’re transformed into a Twix bar. 😐 In all seriousness, my hands go through quite a bit and my nail polish needs to be up to the task. You see, as a “Blog Fab Fashionista” I’m constantly typing and tweeting, so you can imagine how much stress I put on my nails on a regular basis. And, since I’m always out-and-about town, I have to look my utmost best and my nails are a huge part of the presentation. As a result of my hectic lifestyle I easily (and often) chip my nails, and because of this I generally have to “tweak” my nails every 2-3 days to get them back to a presentable state. 🙁 Not fun.

Needless to say, after a week of wearing Zoya nail polish, my nails not only look superb, but the color is still rich, the shine is vibrant and I am (drum roll…) CHIP FREE! Yeah!!!

Zoya’s nail polish is branded as “healthy” and I can see why. Their polish is vegan friendly, formaldehyde, toluene, camphor & dibutyl phthalate (DBP) free and they don’t contain any of those nasty parabens. GLAMTASTIC!

Where have you been all my life!?

I had no idea that Zoya’s been around since the mid 80’s… I consider myself a TRUE 80’s buff, so I’m scratching my head on how this gem slipped under my 80’s radar? 😉 I also read that Zoya has been the choice for some of the top salons and celebrity stylists, and they’ve also received many awards for their long wearing formula. And, with over 300 dazzling colors in their collection I will have plenty of color options to choose from. Hmmm… I have my “fingers” set on a few beauties from their upcoming True Spring 2012 Nail Polish Collection that would go great with several haute looks I spotted in Torrid!

Well, Zoya has changed my perception about nail polish, and for this reason I’m sold! Zoya will definitely be a permanent addition to my nail polish arsenal.

So the next time you’re in need of a mani or pedi, give Zoya nail polish a try…you will be glad you did!  Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

Hey Dēvas! Have you tried Zoya before? What are your fav colors?
Let’s chat about it in Twitterland using #LUVZOYA

Check out the Zoya True Spring 2012 Nail Polish Collection below:

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  1. I love those colors on you! I love Zoya they are based out of Cleveland,Ohio where Im from. When I had my nail salon, I use to always buy their products. Now they send me products to review! xoxo

  2. Wow… I love that color!!!!! I haven’t tried Zoya but I see in my future!