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Le Dîner en Blanc Returns!

Diner en Blanc ATL

For its third consecutive year, Le Dîner en Blanc is gracing Atlanta on September 10 with its all-white enchantment. The past two years have been so much fun, and I can’t wait to attend again this year with another 2,000 or so other cultural enthusiasts in the city!

What is Le Dîner en Blanc, you ask?

This special event began in Paris almost 30 years ago. The goal is simple: for friends new and old to gather in one of the most beautiful public places in the city to share in the joy of gourmet food and fabulous company. The catch? The location remains a secret until minutes before the event begins so as to preserve secrecy and ignite spontaneity. Oh, and you have to wear all white.

Diner-en-Blanc-ATL-6 Diner-en-Blanc-ATL-10 Diner-en-Blanc-ATL-8 Diner en Blanc ATL

Le Dîner en Blanc 2016 Details & Rules

  • Date: September 10
  • The event is rain or shine, so if you’ve purchased a ticket, you are expected to attend. (Space is limited!)
  • Dress code is elegant and all-white only. As long as your outfit is tasteful and stylish, originality is encouraged.
  • No outside alcohol allowed. You can buy champagne and wine online at the e-store, and pick up your libations when you arrive at the event.
  • Because the location is a secret, guests will arrive at assigned departure points and be escorted by motor coach.
  • Guests are required to leave the space clean when they leave. No one likes a litterbug.
  • More info at atlanta.dinerenblanc.info.

Diner-en-Blanc-ATL-11 Diner-en-Blanc-ATL-12
I can’t wait to see everyone looking fabulous in their all-white attire!

Will I see you there?

Diner en Blanc ATL Apothic Wine

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  1. They have this event in LA, as well and I have been wanting to try it. Maybe this year I’ll go.

  2. I’ve never heard of this event! Now this looks like an all-white event I’d love to go to. Looks like tons of fun!

  3. I am ashamed to say to I have never gone to an all white party. It is looks like it going to be to be a lot fun. This events looks so classy.

  4. That is absolutely gorgeous! I love seeing folks all dressed on white. It’s so classy and romantic.

  5. I have a few friends who always attend each year. I guess I’ll have to give it a try. It looks like a lot of elegant food and fun. Is any food sold on site? Do you have to bring all of your food for the night?

  6. Wow, now this sounds like a bunch of fun! I saw a friend who attended one of these on Instagram over the weekend. I had no idea about these kinds of events.

  7. I missed the one here in Dallas last year since I was out of town, but I may attend this year.

  8. Have a great time, I just attended ours here in DC last weekend. I had a freaking food time, as always.

  9. I’ve heard of this before and I want to go. I have to research where one happens close to me

  10. Attending one of these is on my to-do list. It looks so fun, and you look great.

  11. I am going to miss Diner en Blanc again this year. I will be out of town at the same time! Maybe I can go in another city I am going to check my options!

  12. They just did this in DC! I will have to plan to go next year or try it in another city. Looks like a great activity for friends.