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Karmella Daniel


Karmella Daniel
Karmella Daniel


Karmella Daniel is an artist with international flair that has fused soulful jazz, pop, R&B funk and an eclectic urban vibe together to bring a new contagious music sound to the industry. This multi-talented artist has a long history of musical creativity and talent running through her veins. Karmella’s father (Isaac Daniel) is a successful jazz musician who has accompanied great artist such as the Late Sarah Vaughan, Natalie Cole and the Temptations. Karmella’s mom (Emma Jean Daniel) is a duly noted gospel artist known throughout the southern gospel circuit. Karmella’s music gift was discovered by her parents at the early age of 4 as a unique and artistic brand to be nurtured. She was impacted greatly the moment she viewed Janet Jackson’s video “Love Will Never Do Without You”. It was at that moment her career was etched in stone.

Karmella’s professional music journey started when she auditioned to enter Howard University`s Fine Arts program. Her dedication to her craft compelled her to study 6 hours every day and dedicating herself to fine tuning her gift to perfection. Her hard work and undeniable talent earned her quick recognition among her peers and professors as a star to watch. This thought pattern and self-discipline has led her to become one of the most sought after new artists.

While attending Howard University, Karmella took a position as a backup singer for a local group Ndelible. It was through performing with this group she was identified as a force to be reckoned with and given other opportunities. This exposure and confidence led her to branch out soon after as a solo artist quickly picking up the title of the “Queen of Urban Pop Soul” throughout the DC area. Karmella has mentored young gifted artists as an instructor at Duke Ellington School of Arts in Washington, DC.

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While at the school of arts she began to accept the gift of “Paying It Forward” and will carry this principal through her life. Karmella believes that “Giving the Gift of Music is the most precious gift imaginable.

Upon graduating from Howard University, Karmella made the decision that it was time to close one chapter of her life and began a new familiar chapter with a twist. Working with her longtime friend and music partner Sam L. Buck, she decided to move to what they considered as the launching pad for her music career, Atlanta GA. Karmella began aligning herself with a few of the industry’s best and most successful experts such as the brilliant songwriter Chris Lindsey who has written for artists such as Martina McBride. She is currently working with renowned producer Craig A. King who has penned music for Grammy Award winning artist such as Ray Charles, Mary J. Blige, Kanye West and Ludacris. Karmella has written several songs with talented Beth Nielsen Chapman, who has written well-known hits for artists such as Faith Hill, Bette Midler and Alabama.

Karmella’s passion is deeply rooted in music, her legacy she hopes someday will live on through the desire to show love to others and have that same love in return, unchained and honest.



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