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Introducing A New Concept in Clutch Wear

Fashion. Function. Freedom.

Valoh Apparel

Valoh Apparel House was founded with a super woman spirit and a stylish objective: to create boutique-quality clutch wear, stylishly efficient at a revolutionary price point.

Valoh Apparel House, the multi-purpose fashion brand that offers utilitarian inspired clutch wear with a fashion-forward twist, is launching its inaugural “tri-wear” collection titled, Pivotal. The collection features three distinct styles available in a multitude of colorways. Available in butter soft leathers, each piece is crafted with both style, substance and functionality in mind. Products are available on www.valoh.com with price points ranging from $49.99 to $69.99 and includes free shipping with purchases over $150.00 in the U.S. Founded in 2012, the Pivotal collection is Valoh’s debut line which embodies the brand’s tag line of “fashion, function, freedom”. With unique tri-wear clutches that can be worn on the shoulder, on the hip, or on the wrist, the structural design aesthetic appeals to the modern – age busy woman. Whether the wearer is vintage-inspired, classic, retro, graphic or glamorous, there is a pattern and design in the collection to best fit her personality. The Pivotal Collection combines hardware sourced from the Orient while an innovative technique finishes the clutches with unparalleled durability and color richness. Valoh, was birthed as the brainchild of Topaz Thomas on a sunny day on the beach. With her daughter in tow, Thomas was plagued with the burden of trying to carry all of her family’s essentials without wanting to be bogged down or extremely unstylish. Valoh was the answer to her prayers and many women across the world when there simply are not enough pockets, shoulders, or time to carry it all.

Valoh Apparel Valoh Apparel


Valoh Apparel House’s mission is to promote cultural and social diversities in fashion, art, and philanthropy, by offering a platform for women to become free spirited and express their artistic beauty thru fashion. The company also serves a platform to raise funds and increase awareness for charitable causes such as human trafficking, domestic violence, and women oriented homelessness, just to name a few.

Valoh girls believe that everyone has the right to be free….


The founder has always been inspired by females who are able to master it all – mother, wife, business woman, fashionista, and a host of countless titles. As women tend to get busier synonymously they begin to take on more titles and roles. During the busiest of times, style begins to suffer for many. Valoh stands for fashion, function and freedom. Valoh’s clutch wear collection promises to provide all the style needed to travel life’s journey, and a price point that will leave customers with extra cash to use along this journey.

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