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Incoco Nail Polish Appliqué

Hey Divas,

It’s the 1980’s (my favorite decade btw) and looking fabulously chic is not only a rite of passage but it’s also every bit of a chore. To go full-on glamorous you need a small arsenal of products, a lot of patience, and a very vivid imagination. Let’s see, multi-tiered hairdo—check; any shade of bright red lipstick—check; press-on nails in matching fire engine red—check. Well, unfortunately it’s no longer the 80’s… But lucky for us (and our sense style) times have changed. Padded shoulders are now reserved for athletic wear, and those clunky press-on nails that made your fingertips resemble dragon-talons are all but folklore in the fabled history of fashion faux pas. And while there is still ongoing debate over who actually shot J.R. Ewing, we can all agree that nail polish has certainly come a long way since the 80’s. Thank goodness! So let’s (reluctantly) fast forward to the present time (hey, I told you I loved the 80’s), and talk about a fabulous nail polish appliqué that is revolutionizing nail beauty. Now I’m no Nail-nista, nor do I have a fingertip fetish, but I do want my digits to look dazzling with the least amount of time and effort…and finding a nail polish that’s up to the task is like spotting the elusive and mythical jackalope grazing in a garden… I wish you luck on your quest. 😉

jackalope sighting nikka shae rockin red lips and nails

Ok, so recently I was gifted an Incoco Classic Nail Essentials Kit while attending the Polish Swap & Nail Bar Battle at Club Kiss Salon & Spa, and I must say that I was genuinely impressed by this product. The kit features nail strips in several sassy shades including Passion Red (hooray!), French manicure tips, an emery board, nail clippers, nail file, an application tool, and several polish removal cloths. All that’s missing is you sitting inside a nail salon because this kit has all the essentials to give you salon style nails in a fraction of the time. Incoco offers over 200 nail strip colors and designs for both manis and pedis, and get this…they’re made from 100% real nail polish! But unlike nail polish there are no smudges or streaks and there’s no drying time which is an added plus; after all, who has time to watch paint dry? 😛 Incoco nails are also easy to apply and last up to 14 days! Plus and plus!

Incoco Nail Polish Appliqué Kit

With my new Incoco nails I now have plenty of “free time on my hands”…literally! So what’s a girl to do with all this extra time? Hmmm… I think I’m gonna start by watching reruns of Dallas; afterall I just gotta know who shot J.R. (Spoiler Alert: The culprit was J.R.’s sister-in-law Kristin) I knew it!!!

Thanks to Nikki Bell of The Branding Bell for the Incoco appliqué kit! Be sure to follow Incoco on Facebook and Twitter to check out all of their fabulous nail colors and designs. Oh, and I call dibs on all red shades…I’m just sayin. 😀

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

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