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Home Cooked Helpings Ahead: Magnolia Room Cafeteria

Magnolia Room Cafeteria

Remember those visits to Granny’s for Sunday dinner? The aroma of home cooked fixins fill the air as you sneak a bite of Nanna’s blackberry cobbler. Ahhhhh… Some days should NEVER end.

Well, if delicious down-home dishes wrapped in Southern hospitality are what you crave, then I know just the place. Situated just outside Atlanta in Tucker, GA, Magnolia Room Cafeteria offers the convenience of cafeteria-style dining but with a very tasty twist.

Magnolia Room Cafeteria

Not only do you get a taste of home, but you also get a hearty helping of Southern charm. You almost expect an aproned Nanna to greet you at the door welcoming you with a, “Come on in sweetie!” AND if the aroma of home cooking doesn’t already have your undivided attention, the endless entree’s certainly will. How does crispy fried catfish, smothered teriyaki chicken, and succulent sliced turkey & gravy over delicious dressing sound? How about crackling cornbread, fried okra, broccoli raisin salad, collard greens, and macaroni & cheese? Oh, there are so many pies to pick from, made in-house, from scratch, every day! Please don’t miss a moment with a slice of their yummy pecan pie! It is soooo sinful!

It’s no surprise that passersby can’t resist the urge to peek past the big green awning to pop in for a spell to try Manolia’s famed fixin’s.

Hey, if you’re looking for an authentic dining experience with Southern comfort-food classics that are just as exciting as they are dee-lish, pull up a seat at Nanna’s Magnolia Room Cafeteria! I guarantee you’ll expect a huge Nanna-worthy hug after E V E R Y bite! Oh, and please save some of that yummy blackberry cobbler for your siblings… Nanna’s orders.😉

Magnolia Room Cafeteria

4450 Hugh Howell Rd #10, Tucker, GA 30084
Monday-Saturday: 11:30am–8pm, Sunday: 11am–8pm
(770) 864-1845
MENU: magnoliaroomcafeteria.com

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