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HandPicked Style… From Around The World!

HandPicked Jewelry Monogram Gifts

What could possibly be better than unique handcrafted accessories that give your style one-of-a-kind flair? Unique handcrafted accessories that support small artisans around the world and make your style one-of-a-kind, of course! Such is the case with jewelry and accessory shop, HandPicked.

HandPicked Founder, Melanie Mauldin, and Owner, Sonya Ingram
HandPicked Founder, Melanie Mauldin, and Owner, Sonya Ingram

A little background on what makes HandPicked pieces so special: The shop’s founder, Melanie Mauldin, fostered the original vision because of her love for the land and people of Mexico. Since its inception (over 25 years ago), HandPicked has been offering beautiful jewelry crafted by families of silversmiths. Today, Melanie’s legacy continues with owner, Sonya Ingram, whose connection to HandPicked and these families is equally as strong.

HandPicked offers a unique assortment of sterling silver and semi-precious stone gifts and treasures like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings… you name it! They also carry a fab collection of apparel and other accessories from handbags and scarves, to head-wear and ponchos and other gifts. You can also make your pieces more memorable by adding personalized pizzazz with monograming! I just love pieces that have a personal touch! HandPicked not only showcases your unique sense of style, but they also tell your personal style story.

The thought that I’m wearing something made with care is sooo chic. And if there’s a meaning behind the method that makes them even more fabulous. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a few fab HandPicked pieces. So, I picked from their elephant-inspired collection to style for an impromptu photo shoot. 😉 Elephants are such majestic animals because they symbolize strength, power and loyalty. All the qualities any diva should covet. 😉 All that’s missing is a beautiful backdrop to showcase my nature-inspired style, and I knew just the perfect place… The gorgeous grounds at Barnsley Resort in North Georgia. The open air, rustic setting, and stunning views provided the perfect compliment to my HandPicked style.

Barnsley Resort HandPicked Jewelry Monogram Gifts

I wanted to center my outfit on the “Ella the Elephant Scarf,” because every fashionista knows that a statement-making infinity scarf should not go to waste! This piece is a great attention-grabber that still allows for other accessories to make an impact.

With that said – sometimes, when wearing scarves, a little understated bling never hurts. That’s why I paired the feminine, filigree elephant pendant underneath my infinity scarf. A trick like this draws the focal point downward a bit, which is a proven tactic to elongate and flatter your shape in a low-key way.

HandPicked Jewelry Monogram Gifts HandPicked Jewelry Monogram Gifts HandPicked Jewelry Monogram Gifts HandPicked Jewelry Monogram Gifts

Since the rest of my outfit was pretty accessory-heavy, I wanted to wrap it up with simple, delicate details. I added the bohemian “Ruffle My Feathers” bracelet to break up the elephant theme and pull in a beautiful metal finish. The carefree vibe of the bracelet was the perfect balance to my nature theme. Then, to complete my excellent elephant-inspired ensemble, I wore matching sterling silver elephant studs to incorporate just enough bling to grab a few envious eyes. When in doubt, all you need to wear are your favorite basics, like a simple tee and distressed jeans, and then your accessories can do all the talking!

HandPicked Jewelry Monogram Gifts HandPicked Jewelry Monogram Gifts HandPicked Jewelry Monogram Gifts HandPicked Jewelry Monogram Gifts

Hey, I love having amazing accessories in my style arsenal because they make my style feel so fab and effortless, and my perfectly-paired HandPicked pieces looked absolutely gorgeous! If you want to add one-of-a-kind flair to your fashion, pop over to www.BeHandPicked.com and give your style a little lots of personalized pizzazz. 😉

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for HandPicked, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Gorgeous accessories! You look stunning, and that scarf is awesome.

  2. Great photos and style! Nice job

  3. That is a gorgeous scarf! I have been knitting a lot of large cowls lately, but I don’t really have any dainty ones. This is one I can definitely see wearing.

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  7. I absolutely love that scarf! The necklace is adorable, too. What a great look overall!

  8. I love that Elephant necklace so much. It is perfection!

  9. You have beautiful pieces here, they are going to be a perfect gift for my sister 🙂

  10. You have beautiful pieces here, they are going to be a perfect gift for my sister 🙂 ^_^

  11. That necklace is so gorgeous! It’s casual but with a bit of elegance!

  12. You look fabulous! Thanks for the tip about layering the scarf and long necklace, I’ll have to keep that in mind.

  13. I can’t get over how cute this look is! I want the WHOLE outfit – can I just come raid your closet?! The elephants are SO cute.

  14. Thanks for sharing about this fabulous shop! I’m going to have to go check them out!

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  16. great photos of you & I am loving the jewelry

  17. What a cool place to take pictures. I love all the pieces. They are so different.

  18. Very pretty. I love that these are from around the world. Your pics are fierce, girl.

  19. That scarf is incredible! I love the elephants and how well it drapes!

  20. I love elephants!!! Lovely scarf. And you are gorgeous! I love your curls!! These pieces are so pretty. LifeAsLex

  21. Beautiful photos and the location is stunning.

  22. Your photos are AMAZINGGGG! I am loving that lip color you are rocking!

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  24. Those pieces of jewelry are absolutely beautiful and you, lady, are GORGEOUS! I am loving your photos!