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Guys’ Guide to Gift Giving: Black Friday Edition

Pssst… guys! It's that time of year again. That time when your lady is expecting a holiday gift she can brag to all her friends about. You want to get that gush-worthy gift for her, but when you ask her what she wants, she'll probably shrug and say she will love whatever you buy her. And although this sounds like a dream come true… it's a trap! Truth is, it's likely she's trying to telepathically communicate her wish list. And if you're like any other man, reading your woman's mind is definitely one of your weaknesses.

Think of the things she already has, but always wishes she had more of or an updated version. It's a bit like video games are for many men (though it's best not to admit it!). Take mental notes about certain colors and types of jewelry she wears – this will make it easy to choose the perfect gift that she will wear without end! And if you really wanna score a few points, try thinking outside the box this season with a gift that she will really enjoy!

Here’s an idea. Give her what she really wants for the holidays… something she deserves. Why not reward your lady with a gift that shows her just how sweet and thoughtful you are. I'm thinking that a little bit of pampering should do the trick! So on Black Friday, after the turkey has been gobbled up, and the shopping madness is back to normal, surprise your lady with her very own personal pamper party! A day of relaxation to recover from turkey week. Sprinkle in a few extra treats and you've got the recipe for a bliss-filled night!

We’ve taken out all of the guess work for you with a few gushing-goodies that’ll make you King of the Checkout Counter. You'll go down in gift-giving history and, most importantly, you’ll be a hit at the office when she gushes over just how thoughtful and amazing her guy is! Who’s the man now, Santa?!

Lush Cosmetics - You're A Star Gift set

You're A Star – Lush Cosmetics – Macy’s $79.95

Lavish from the inside out, this gift is just what she needs to make her feel like a star.


Sequin Beaded Charm Bracelet

Sequin Charm Bracelets – Bloomingdale’s $38.00

Send positive vibes her way with one of these stackable 14k gold-plated charms that bear meaningful words like "strength," "balance," or "goodness" as a subtle yet strengthening daily reminder.


Heat Lounge - Lenox Square

Heat Lounge (Lenox Square)

After all of that Black Friday shopping, she’s gonna need a place to relax and let her hair down… literally! Opt for The Ultimate Makeover ($60)…you’ll thank me for it!


Macaron Queen

Macaron Queen (Lenox Square)

One word… macarons! If there's anything a girl loves more than life, it's gotta be something sweet. These tiny treats are straight from heaven and will definitely score you a few points (and kisses too).


~ Nikka Shae – www.ohnikka.com