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Fernbank Museum unveils Marco Polo exhibit

Hey Lovelies,

Today I’m taking you on an epic adventure with one of history’s most beloved explorers. And, no, it’s not Dora (you know you were thinking it) 🙂 I’m talking about none other than Marco Polo. Fernbank Museum is unveiling a special exhibition called Marco Polo: Man & Myth which follows the journey of history’s ultimate travel adventurer through a collection of cultural artifacts illustrating his epic excursion along the Silk Road. Through this amazing exhibit we will embark on a storied adventure complete with sights, sounds, and tastes from regions that Marco Polo explored. We will journey around the world to places like The Middle East where we will meet a live, baby camel just like those Marco Polo encountered in his journey. There will be a vast collection of artifacts representing the many discoveries that Marco Polo made along his travels. We will learn about one of Marco Polo’s many experiences in the Mongol Empire and witness the tradition of falconry with Medieval Times and a live bird of prey. We will also enjoy performances of traditional Chinese lion and dragon dances, as well as a unique exhibition of the art of Kung Fu. And for the kids there will also be lots of hands-on fun complete with arts and crafts and plenty of surprise along the way! Young explorers will also get a chance to meet Fernbank’s mascot, Giggy A. Dinosaur!

I will be highlighting all of the fun as it unfolds with candid captures LIVE from the event! This promises to be an adventure unlike any other! So grab your backpack, your map, and your compass, and check back often to see if you can find me amongst all of the fun… “Marco”… 😛

Marco Polo: Man & Myth will display from September 28 through January 5, 2014 at the Fernbank Museum. For more information visit http://www.fernbankmuseum.org/explore-exhibits/special-exhibitions/marco-polo/.

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