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Faux Real! Fabulous Faux Leather & Fur Fashion

Hey SIMONistas!

This season we are getting edgy! With models on the runways flaunting fierce fur coats and leather-laden looks, the fashionista might wonder how she could pull off such a style. No longer is fur considered for the rich and leather for the bikers, these two trends have come back into action with a chic, contemporary twist. The best part is, designers have figured out ways to create both materials without using the real thing. We’ve got an abundance of faux fur and faux leather, so our animal friends aren’t suffering either.

Faux Fur

When focusing on this trend, think big. With such an attention-grabbing material as is, you have the perfect chance to be as dramatic as you want without channeling Lady Gaga (meat dress, anyone?). For this trend, you want to find either a fur jacket or a fur vest that can stand on its own. It will likely be the centerpiece of your outfit, so you’ll want to keep the rest of the look rather simple. An over-the-top faux fur vest will look great with a simple long-sleeved tee underneath and skinnies and combat boots (or booties). An oversized faux fur vest looks great with jeans or tights and a similarly colored top. You can wear your fur finds over just about anything, as long as the rest of your look is minimalistic.

Faux Fur Fashion

Bloomingdale’s – vest, blouse, jeans, booties, necklace; J.Crew – bracelet; Tory Burch – handbag

Faux Leather

You can finally wear leather without feeling like Sandy from Grease (not that that’s an entirely bad thing). Designers have found ways to put faux leather on just about any style. You name it, there’s probably a leather version of it. And that’s what makes this trend suddenly so versatile; you can wear it without feeling uncomfortable in pieces you wouldn’t normally buy. If your style is preppy, you may want to find blouses that only have a little leather lining on the sleeves or capping the shoulders. Or perhaps grab an all-out leather dress, pair it with tights underneath, and let the accessories bring it all together. Leather skinnies are also a great way to nonchalantly wear the trend. Lace or patterned tops work as a great complement. For the days you’re feeling extra edgy, wear a pair of leather boots complete with studs and buckles; just match your bag to the color and they are wearable 24/7.

Faux Leather Fashion

Bloomingdale’s – dress, booties; Michael Kors – handbag, bracelet; Neiman Marcus – necklace

Be sure to stop by the shops at Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza to curb your faux fashion fix.

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