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Fashion Survival While Home for the Holidays

Coming home for the holidays is the best. That is, unless you're already living at home (like this job-seeking college graduate). Then it's just like any other day and now it just happens to be the holidays. Regardless, everyone's mentality is a little bit like this

But remember when you come home for the holidays, everyone comes home for the holidays. So yes, you're going to see your high school boyfriend/girlfriend, or your former best friend you ditched sophomore year for a much better (and less basic) best friend. Which means you need to look your best at all times.

Fashion blogger Jenn Im has the "Home for the Holidays" look covered for the ladies below:

But what about the guys? I've gathered a few items that will have you looking like a 10 out of 10, no matter who you run into while you're home this season. 


So let's be honest. No way you're going to resist sweatpants the whole time you're home, especially when your parents send you to the store when they've run out of food or – God forbid – wine. No worries. I'd recommend a pair of trendy sweatpants like these quilted and zipper-adorned joggers from H&M. So when you do run into the last person on earth you want to see, at least you'll be cool and comfortable. 


Like Jenn Im said, you need a great chunky knit this season. I say go with this Scotch & Soda Shawl Collar Sweater from Nordstrom. It's warm, durable, and just the thing you want everyone from high school to spot you in. It screams, "I'm successful and doing much better than you in life, but I don't need to rub it in your face or anything."


Pair your chunky knit with a simple pant like this Hawkings McGill Stretch Skinny Chino Pant from Urban Outfitters. A dark straight or skinny jean would work as well. 


I'm also really digging this Jacquard-knit Sweater from H&M. You can never go wrong with some good stripes and a simple print, especially around the holidays.