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Fashion Fix Monday Mix: Gregory Sylvia

Hi Stylesetters!

For this week’s Fashion Fix I’m showcasing a true work of art. No, it’s not some Impressionist piece from Picasso or Van Gogh, nor is it on exhibition at the Guggenheim or The Louvre. This masterpiece is not behind some velvet rope where curious eyes vie for a once in a lifetime chance to get a glimpse of this rare work of art. And while this stunning showpiece is not currently at Christie’s Auction House looking to fetch a King’s ransom, it would definitely be a suitable addition to any connoisseur’s most treasured collection. This artwork of ‘arm candy’ is the Davenport handbag by Gregory Sylvia.

Created by husband and wife duo Gregory and Terri “Sylvia” Pope, Gregory Sylvia has designed a fabulous collection of handbags that are not only elegant and beautiful, but their quality and craftsmanship makes them true works of accessory art. “The design aspect of our products is important. With a background in fine arts and design, we work to create “wearable art” that is aesthetically unique and stylish.”

I was so inspired by my Davenport bag that I decided to take it on an “exhibition tour” (around Atlanta of course). 😉 I received so many complements and inquiries as curious onlookers wanted to know more about this gorgeous handbag. So, for today’s Fashion Fix my Gregory Sylvia Davenport bag will accompany me to the grounds of the Woodruff Arts Center and the High Museum of Art in downtown Atlanta. The lovely landscape at the WAC features fabulous sculptures and amazing architectural details throughout providing the perfect backdrop to appreciate the elegance of this gorgeous piece. With its combination of form and functionality, it’s only fitting to showcase the beauty and design of the Davenport overlooking a museum such as the High.

Gregory Sylvia Davenport handbag at Woodruff Arts Center

The classic silhouette of the Davenport bag makes it versatile for both casual wear or formal appearances. The attention is definitely in the details as this beautiful handbag features luscious Saffiano leather, rich golden hardware, and elegant touches throughout. Bold, chic, and stylish are just a few words that describe this showpiece of “wearable art”. This gorgeous fashion accessory makes a statement of style and sophistication in any ensemble.

Gregory Sylvia Davenport handbag at Woodruff Arts Center Gregory Sylvia Davenport handbag at Woodruff Arts Center

There’s not a more fabulous feeling than to be in the midst of beautiful and priceless works of art, and the Davenport handbag by Gregory Sylvia is a true fashion masterpiece… less the price of a King’s ransom of course. 😉

Visit GregorySylvia.com to see more stunning handbag styles.

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