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Family Dollar Brings ‘Fabulous’ Experience to Atlanta: Day 2 Recap

I told you all I’d be following up with the details from the 2nd day of Family Dollar Fabulous! Well, if you thought the first day of Family Dollar Fabulous sounded spectacular, you will be blown away with all of the fabulousness they had planned for the encore! And what an encore it was!!!

To kick off the ‘fab’ finale, we were treated with a beautiful breakfast setup on the InterContinental Hotel lawn, hosted by Ebony Magazine! After mixing and mingling over our lovely morning meal, we transitioned into an insightful Celebrity Brand Ambassadors panel discussion on how to look  “Fabulous & Fashionable at any Cost.” Kierna Mayo, the Editor-in-Chief of Ebony Magazine, hosted the discussion that featured several amazing speakers such as the always fab Chili from TLC, and Johnny Wright who is the hairstylist for First Lady Michelle Obama!!! Hey, betcha didn’t know Chili’s very first job was at Family Dollar? Who would’ve thought?! We also heard from Celebrity Hairstylist, Ursula Stephen who is responsible for the do’s of a host of A-list celeb’s including none other than Miss ‘Ri Ri’ herself! *Gasp and faint… And… wait for it… Mary J. Blige, Gabrielle Union and Kerry Washington’s ‘go-to’ for their do, Mr. Larry Sims, also gave the guests some invaluable tidbits to take home. 🙂 Rounding out the esteemed panelists was Fashion Journalist, Lloyd Boston who among a host of fab-accolades, is a go-to style source from red carpet reveals to New York Fashion Week finds. It was great hearing all of these successful Style Experts level with us and give their two cents on looking fabulous on a dime. 🙂

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta

After absorbing enough fashion advice to last a lifetime, it was time to do lunch. Southern inspired-bites were on the menu, but up next was a litterall fashion feast! As I mentioned in my Day 1 rewind, Family Dollar carries a collection of uber-chic and affordable wear called Just Be! But don’t take my word for it…chic it out for yourself! *Note: The following fashion meets all ‘gasp-worthy-ness.’ Proceed! 😉

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta

Now that you’ve snapped out of amazement, keep in mind that these fab styles can be coveted on any Fashionista’s budget. Winter wardrobe,  watch out!!!

After our fashion fix, Family Dollar took us to meet even more of the event vendors and I couldn’t wait to try more products!

My first stop was with beauty brand Creme of Nature, which offers ultra-lush moisturizing products for thirsty skin. Among discovering their latest beauty offerings, we indulged in a little Henna hand art and were captured on canvas by a super talented caricature artist! Didn’t he catch my good side or what?!

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta

Fing’rs, was up next, where they showcased some fashionable finger fun with their print press-on nails. I gave it a go and was shocked that they stayed on all week long with no pop-offs. Hey, you never know when you can’t make it to the nail salon, so these lovely lifesavers would definitely come to the rescue!

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta

The Tone and Smooth Shine USA booth featured a smorgasbord of skincare products that are perfect for thirsty skin. I had a little one-on-one time with Hair Stylist Larry Sims, who did a fabulous job touching up my mane. And Larry even hooked me up with some soap and body wash products try! It’s safe to say I was channeling my inner Kerry Washington with all this star treatment I was getting 😉

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta

To take a break from all the pampering (it’s exhausting!), 😀 I checked out Always’ setup and watched a preview of their touching and empowering campaign, #LikeAGirl. The campaign crushes the misogynist stereotype that suggests that doing things “like a girl” is weak or less valuable. The message was so moving and inspiring… I may have shed a tear… or four… It was sooo powerful!

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta

After that empowering info we were ready to get back to beauty, and Organic Root Stimulator was more than ready to accommodate! At ORS I received a complimentary “hair check” where they evaluated my scalp and suggested some products that would help my hair reach its full potential. I also learned more about their other product offerings.

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta

We were also informed about Dark and Lovely’s hair color products, that cater to African-American women hair-types. At the L.A. COLORS cosmetics booth, my inner Diva was on full overdrive by now. I picked up some fun and flirty cosmetic and other goodies to get me all glammed up for my next date night!

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta

Unfortunately all the beauty fun had to come to an end eventually (sad face). But Family Dollar Fabulous had a few more memorable moments ahead. After a lovely cocktail dinner we enjoyed a yummy dessert, and another sweet treat was set to serenade the night away… R&B heartthrob Tank, performed a few melodies to the enjoyment of all the ladies. 🙂  And no full night of fab can end without a little photo fun, so you already know what time it was… #groupselfie Time!!! You know we Diva’s can’t miss a fab photo op.  😉

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta

What a way to cap two Fabulous days of valuable info, brand discovery, and an overall amazing experience with my fellow Fabu-listas! We went home with sooo many great products to try. AND, it was super knowing that if you happen to be running low on your beauty budget, you don’t have to sacrifice sass and style. Family Dollar has you covered from head to toe!

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta Huge thank you goes out to all the Family Dollar Fabulous sponsors, vendors and hosts who made this event one to remember! I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say it was a fab-tastic success! And of course, thanks to the InterContinental Hotel for providing such a beautiful backdrop for this event. And best of all, thanks to Family Dollar who gave us tons of gush-worthy goodies to get glammed.. and for showing us how we can look Fabulous on a dime.

Now that’s priceless! 😉

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

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