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Family Dollar Brings ‘Fabulous’ Experience to Atlanta: Day 1 Recap

When an event has the word ‘fabulous’ in the title, I already know it’s going to be right up my alley! And I’m happy to report that Family Dollar Fabulous lived up to its name and definitely brought the ‘fabulous’ to the Atlanta!

Family Dollar Fabulous was a 2-day, invitation-only affair that hosted a select group of Bloggers and Vloggers from all across the country. Being chosen as one of the VIP guests was such an honor and I was super excited to attend! Since both days were action-packed with activities, prizes, products and much more, I’ll have to break up my recaps into two parts. Let’s start with Day 1, shall we…

Family Dollar Fabulous was held at The InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead which served as the perfect venue to host such a “fabulous” affair. Our itinerary for the day was ‘fab-packed’ full of shopping, bargains, bites, meet & greets, mix & mingles, and a mixer to close out the day. To kick-off our Day 1 fun, I and the other bloggers Divas boarded a tour bus prepared just for us, and we were taken to a Family Dollar store for a little retail therapy. I knew that Family Dollar offers awesomely affordable brand name cosmetics and hair care products, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they also carry their very own fashion collection, Just Be! The styles were trendy and super cute, and easy on any budget! Hey, I adore fab and frugal finds, and Just Be! was Just Fab!

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta

Once we wrapped up our shop tour we were off for a bubbly adventure at the World of Coca-Cola in downtown ATL. I was super excited to see what they had planned for us! We listened to a friendly Coke representative speak more about the legendary brand, and I learned even more about the company behind some of the most famous beverages in the world. Turns out Coca-Cola is one of the most diverse companies in the world, offering programs, sponsorships, scholarships, and a bevy of other offerings for minorities. Now that’s FAB!!! Of course by now we had worked up quite an appetite, so we were treated to a delicious Southern-inspired lunch catered right on the premises. The Family Dollar Fabulous event was shaping up to be a wonderful experience, but I could have never anticipated what would happen next.

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta

We headed back to the InterContinental Hotel (one of my favorite places to stay, by the way!), and then we really got into the mix of things. We met with some of the event vendors, like Colgate® and Colgate brand Softsoap®. I had the pleasure of spending time with Colgate Brand Ambassador, Celebrity Makeup, Artist Mia “Mimi J” Johnson, who shared some insight about Colgate’s latest offerings while also treating the ladies to a quick lipgloss change and some of her coveted lip tips for the season. Thanks as always Mimi, and love that smile!!! 😀

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta

Feeling fab with my fresh pucker, I went on to try my hand at some of the games they had lined up. I guess I was under a lucky star that day, because I ended up with so many amazing gifts and prizes! First, we played a fun trivia game at another one of the event vendors, Kotex®, and I won a $25 gift card! I think this win is what set me up for success the rest of the day, because I also won a generous, 6-month supply of African Pride beauty products, too! Whoohooo!!!! Family Dollar carries a host of top-notch beauty brands like African Pride that are ideal for the African-American woman’s beauty and hair care needs. #Winning

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta

I continued my winning streak with hair care brand PINK®-Luster, where I was treated to a ton of products that I can’t wait to try. Body spray brand Body Fantasies featured a game where we tested our scent-detection skills. We had to guess the scents, some of which were grass, suede and licorice. Can you imagine trying to pinpoint a suede scent?! Well, a true Fashionista’s (like myself of course) 😉 should be well versed in fabric scents, so this was should be a breeze! 😀

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta


But we didn’t stop there! (I told you the Family Dollar Fabulous event was action-packed!) After all the fun and games, there was one more activity waiting for us. At the Cantu Beauty booth, we were shown how to mix a “hair cocktail” using their product. And, to add a sweet twist to the situation, Aunt Jackie’s Cupcakes provided us with a few treats to enjoy! It was great learning new tricks for taking care of my hair! I also received a sample of Rawesome Juicery’s Mint-Apple-Pineapple-Lime juice. Sounds complicated, right? Well, it was complicated in all the right, refreshing ways. Rawesome Juicery is a local café that specializes in good-for-you treats like these, all made with real fruit.

And finally, to cap this amazing experience, we ended the night the best way I could’ve asked for. All of us ladies got the chance to mix and mingle into the night at a beautiful Twilight Reception cocktail party held by the hotel pool.

Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta Family Dollar Fabulous 2015 in Atlanta

It’s safe to say the first day of Family Dollar Fabulous was nothing short of fabulous! It was such a wonderful experience learning more about the retailer and getting hands-on experience with the wonderful brands they carry. I loved having the chance to meet one-on-one with some of their brands and I can’t wait to see what else Family Dollar has in-store. 😉 Oh, and the prizes and free products were a nice touch, too. 😀

And if you thought Day 1 was super fab, you should see all of the fun and excitement from my Day 2 adventures at Family Dollar Fabulous! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to sort through my bushel of goodies from Day 1!!! 😉

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

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