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Experience the Beauty of the Ozarks at The Keeter Center

Imagine a beautiful Lodge nestled deep in the Ozark Mountains. Its rustic design perfectly complements the picturesque landscape that surrounds it. Majestic sweeping views serve as the canvas to charming décor and authentic touches that seamlessly pull the outdoors inside. A wonderful vision captured from a dreamscape…only this is not a dream… It’s the fabulous Keeter Center in beautiful Branson, Missouri. Overlooking the uh-mazing Ozark Mountains, The Keeter Center is one of Branson’s most beautiful destinations. Built in 2004, The Keeter Center is steeped in history that dates back over 100 years. The attention to detail at the Lodge is something to marvel in itself. The Keeter Center features hand-carved details throughout as well as the most intricate metal work I have ever seen. One of the many eye-catching features within the Lodge is a hammered copper-lined elevator that whisks guests away to any of fifteen beautifully-decorated suites that appear to have been plucked out of a magazine. The Lodge is also conveniently located minutes away from many of Branson’s most famous attractions. Featuring resort-worthy amenities, elegant appointments throughout, and loads of southern-charm that seem to be standard fare in Branson, The Keeter Center offers more than just a cozy getaway escape.

The Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks

The Keeter Center overlooks the College of the Ozarks which is one of the most uncommon institutions in America. In addition to the many community and character-focused courses the college provides, what makes it so unique is that the College of the Ozarks offers its students a tuition-free education. You see, every full-time student works at a campus job to defray his or her expenses. Debt is openly discouraged at the College and students graduate debt free! WOW!!! The students also maintain the grounds of The Keeter Center which are absolutely gorgeous. In addition the students also provide a unique culinary experience for Lodge guests. During my visit to Branson I was invited to attend a fabulous brunch at The Keeter Center. The students prepared the entire meal which featured fresh fruits and meats, and other mouthwatering nibbles that are all locally grown and harvested. The College prides itself on maintaining an eco-friendly eating experience by providing fresh, farm-to-table offerings. I must say that it was an absolutely fulfilling meal. During the brunch we were given a brief history of the The Keeter Center as well the many programs the College offers such as their Community Convocation Series which focuses on character education and development, leadership, and Christian values. One of the students also shared his personal journey and how the College has made a lasting impact on his life. My family and I had such a wonderful and amazing time at The Keeter Center and cannot wait to return.

The Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks

I encourage you to visit The Keeter Center—stay for a spell—and enjoy the College of the Ozarks student sponsored dining experience while you’re there.

Wanna know about more exciting things to see and do in beautiful Branson, MO? Stay tuned! Until then you read all about my ‘hair-raising’ adventure at Silver Dollar City HERE.

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