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East Coast Wings + Grill: Wings That Zing + Other Things

East Coast Wings + Grill

Wing fanatics, assemble!

Wings are one of those go-to foods I always love to get my hands on especially when I’m having a few sips or watching sports with the hubby. It’s just something about good ol’ wings that just seem to go hand-in-hand with hanging out and having a good time.

So, needless to say, I was pretty thrilled to hear that an East Coast Wings + Grill recently made its way to my neck of the woods. They recently opened in downtown Atlanta and I had the special chance to take my tastebuds on a tasting tour with some of their tasty wing flavors (among other yummy things!).

East-Coast-Wings-+-Grill-3 East-Coast-Wings-+-Grill

First, the Wings

Basically, if you like trying new wing flavors or fancy yourself a spice-lover, East Coast Wings + Grill is a must-try. Technically, there are literally hundreds of flavor combos, so you can’t really get bored. 😉 They have quite a few flavors under each category, which included Asian, Bayou, Classic American, European, Fusion, Southern BBQ, Tex-Mex, and The Islands. We tried two of the options from Southern BBQ (no surprise there!), the Golden and Honey BBQ styles. While they were super deelish, I was really eyeing The Islands flavors. I know I’ll definitely be back to give those a taste!

East Coast Wings + Grill BBQ Wings

Hot, Hot, HOT!

If you love spicy stuff, you’re gonna get a kick out of this. 😛 The cool thing about East Coast Wings + Grill is that they offer wings based on their Heat Index. So, any flavor you want (like one from The Islands) can be bumped up in spiciness according to the Heat Index options, which range from “Virgin” all the way to “Insanity.” And if you’re curious how insane Insanity is… well, let’s just say that the other wing heats like “Magma” and “Inferno” are less hot than Insanity… so, you do the math. 😀

East Coast Wings + Grill

Are you wondering what “Insanity” is like?

Well, hubby took one bite of an Insanity wing and decided to save his tastebuds from any more torture. He put that wing down immediately, LOL! Insanity wings are flavored using ghost peppers, which are considered to be one of the hottest peppers In.The.World!!! No judgment if you cry eating Insanity flavored wings; it’s totally understandable, and expected. I mean, it’s called “insanity” for a reason.

Needless to say, I used my better judgement and steared clear of the extra heat. 😛

East Coast Wings + Grill Insanity Wings

Yummy Other Things

Contrary to what people might think, East Coast Wings + Grill offers more than just wings. And their other options are equally as delicious! As far as appetizers go, I got to try the Basket of Freshly Sliced Potato Chips as well as the Pub Pretzels, which were uh-mazing! The pretzels came with either bourbon honey mustard or craft beer cheese sauce. Need I say more?

East Coast Wings + Grill Basket of Freshly Sliced Potato Chips

We also sampled the Avocado Chicken Flatbread and the Chicken Mac & Cheese. Everything was really good! I liked that ECW+G offers a tastier twist than your average “wing spot” and better food options than the normal bar grub. Know what I mean?

East Coast Wings + Grill Avocado Chicken Flatbread East Coast Wings + Chicken Mac & Cheese

And then there was dessert, of course. I can never say no to dessert 😛 We had the Original Cookie Skillet, which was just as tasty as it sounds. It’s a heaping skillet of warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, topped with vanilla ice cream and a savory slathering of chocolate and caramel goodness. OMG!

East Coast Wings + Grill Original Cookie Skillet

To wash it all down, I had a Strong Island Iced Tea, which did not disappoint at all. This sassy cocktail was appropriately named and also very delicious! ECW+G also has some 20 beer varieties on tap for those who like suds in their sips. 😀

East Coast Wings + Grill Strong Island Tea East Coast Wings + Grill

I think the best part about East Coast Wings + Grill is that it feels like an elevated “wing joint” yet the price point isn’t high. All the entrees ranged from $8-$15, making it really reasonable for those nights you just don’t feel like cooking. (I know we’ve all been there!)

The question is… What will you try when you go? One of their detailed dishes, or a kicked up plate of tasty wings?

Hey, if you’re looking to pump up your palate with tasty wings and other appetizing eats, stop by East Coast Wings + Grill and take your tastebuds on a flavor-filled adventure. Oh, and bring a fire extinguisher in case things get a little hot! 😉

East Coast Wings + Grill has 35 hot locations across the US including a smokin’ spot in downtown Atlanta at 55 Park Place.

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

I was compensated a yummy meal in exchange for my opinion, however all drooling is my own. 😛

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  1. Wings are one of my favorites! This sounds like a great place to eat! Yum!

  2. Yum! I like it hot, but I think I’ll have to pass on the Insanity wings. All of the food looks delicious – from the appetizers to the dessert. My husband will love this place.

  3. All the food looks super good; perfect for a night out! wings are my favorites so I’d be getting the hot, hot, hot ones too!

  4. I would go for the chicken and flatbread. We love wings, but I only like to eat them at home. To messy for me when I am out and about. Food looks delicious.

  5. This place looks awesome! My hubby and I love wings. I would love the prices too!!

  6. That looks like amazing food! I love “game” food like this. I would love to stop by East Coast Wings.

  7. I think I would go there just to have the wings. Sound so delicious. Yum!

  8. I wish we had East Coast Wings here! The chicken wings look so delicious and the ambiance of the place is really nice.

  9. My daughter loves good chicken wings! She’s also a spice fanatic so this would be perfect for her. We’re close to Atlanta, I need to let her know to check it out.

  10. I absolutely LOVE wings. Friends and I go to a local place around here for all you can eat wings lol. But that cookie dessert? I want! LOL.

  11. Ok…you have listed some yummy looking food!. I’m sure that place stays pack because those chicken wings look so delicious. I don’t like my food too spicy, but will definitely give those wings a try. Just keep my glass of water filled to the rim.

  12. I’m from Buffalo so I’m pretty picky about my wings, but these look pretty good! I even love BBQ wings!

  13. We are wing lovers in my home so we would definitely try them out. We love places that offer a variety of flavors. It is nice to see such an expansive men selection.

    I like island flavors the most.

  14. yum. everything looks so good. that delish is everything. woo. i am such a sucker for sweets.

  15. East Coast Wings really sounds like they’ve got it going on. Lots of stuff I’d love to try – fresh made potato chips, those yummy flatbreads and that Strong Island Iced tea really got my attention. Now they just need one in our neighborhood!

  16. I would love to visit this restaurant and try the food.. I love spicy chicken wings, especially with buffalo sauce.