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Destination, Delicious: 10 Degrees South

10 Degrees South Safari Salad

You don’t have to leave the US to sample the amazing flavors and savory blends found only in South African cuisine – thanks to 10 Degrees South, located right in the heart of Atlanta. Guests can enjoy an authentic South African dining experience in a welcoming bungalow atmosphere; the menu is packed with the fusion fare that the nation is famous for, with jumbo prawns, savory spices and lively, unique dining options.

From the authentic bobotie (a savory custard perched atop a sweet ground beef curry) to boerewors (thick hunks of savory, spicy sausage), 10 Degrees South serves up a blend of Mediterranean, Malaysian, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch and Indian flavors. These diverse flavors come together to create the authentic and distinctive blends that South African cuisine is known for.

10 Degrees South 10 Degrees South Lamb Chops 10 Degrees South cocktail 10 Degrees South cocktail

Set in a bungalow-inspired atmosphere with South African sanctuary vibes (there’s even a pair of gilded rhino overlooking the dining space), guests are taken on an unparalleled visual journey rivaled only by the equally explorative menu. Contemporary furnishings adorn the dramatic setting that perfectly suits the unusual specialties on the menu. For those who have never tried South African foods, sosaties (beef kabobs with sweet apricot curry), Sosaties (skewers of beef filet with apricot curry sauce), Piri-Piri coated jumbo prawns, and biltong (dried, cured meat native to South Africa), are staples of South African cooking.  These menu standouts complemented with a signature cocktail such as the Van Der Hum (rich, orange flavored brandy) offer an authentic taste of the nation. The wine list at 1o Degrees offers a substantial collection of both red and white wines from South Africa with highlights including the Pinotage which is made from the country’s unique red wine grape, that harmonizes well with curries and seafood.

10 Degrees South 10 Degrees South Lobster Spring Rolls 10 Degrees South 10 Degrees South Prawns 10 Degrees South 10 Degrees South Rhinos 10 Degrees South 10 Degrees South wine 10 Degrees South Vegetable Curry

Finish with Di’s Delight, a succulent sponge cake and fruit combination delivered warm with vanilla ice cream and confectionately named after the owner’s mother/chef Diane Anthony.

10 Degrees South Dis Delight

Expect to spend some time perusing the menu and to experience an unusual but delightful blend of spicy and sweet when you head to 10 Degrees South. An outing here is a true tasting adventure and well worth the trip. Make sure to call ahead for a reservation, 10 Degrees South is a popular destination – and bring your appetite and a taste for adventure when you visit.

10 Degrees South is located at 4183 Roswell Rd. in Atlanta, GA.

Nikka Shae The Undercover Socialite

Disclaimer: 10 Degrees South compensated my meal in exchange for my opinion, however all thoughts (and drooling) are my own.

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  1. This looks like a fabulous place to eat. My family would be all about the seafood. I personally would pass on that, but I tend to go for a meat dish. I’d love the dessert!

  2. The food looks good, the light shades look good and you look marvelous!! Thanks for sharing.

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  5. It looks like a wonderful place to eat. All the food looks delicious and is presented beautifully. I love the decor.

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  7. OMG! What a beautiful place to eat. Perfect for special occasion or a romantic dinner! And the food is fabulous!

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  11. The atmosphere looks as lovely as the food! I would love to sample South African cuisine, and this looks like a must visit in Atlanta.

  12. Wow! I’m impressed with the food photos. As someone who wants to go and take photos professionally for small businesses, I am all about learning proper technique. I need to practice and do occasionally but never take my big camera.

    I love the ambiance too. It looks like the perfect spot to eat lunch or dinner. My son would love the shrimp.

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  17. This looks fantastic and has been in my list forever!

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