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Designer Bucket List

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Ever since "Sex and the City" aired, women everywhere have yearned to have a pair of Manolo's added to their closet. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" may not have been all about the store and what was inside, but it engraved the idea of getting that little blue box as something wonderful. As I've gotten older and the labels change as do the trends, my designer bucket list grows as items get checked off. Here are a five items that I deem designer bucket list worthy.

1) Christian Louboutin Pumps – These now iconic red soles make these a bucket list must have.

2) Hermes Scarf – While the bags are well out of reach of many, the scarves are something truly classic and while still a splurge. a reachable one.

3) Anything from Tiffany's (but really jewelry) – Who doesn't want to open that blue box with a white ribbon?

4) Chanel Classic Flap – The Chanel resurgence over the last decade has been huge, and with it an even larger price increase. Still it's a classic bag that I can see being passed down from mother to daughter. But really we'd be happy with ANYTHING Chanel (especially those espadrilles).

5) Cartier Love Bracelet – Cartier may be known for it's watches, but it's love collection bracelet is your go-to bangle that's timeless.

So what's on your Designer Bucket List?


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