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Defining Your Face

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Contouring and highlighting is definitely a major makeup trick I have been very into lately. You are able to define your face as well as give yourself a radiating glow. I know that looking at contouring and highlight videos and pictures seems a little daunting (how are all those dark lines supposed to blend into my face, you ask?), but the actual task is not as hard as it looks. The picture below has every place you would ever want to contour or highlight. If you are a newbie to contouring and highlighting, start with the key areas such as your cheekbones and under eye area. After your skills improve you can start messing around a bit more depending on your face shape. 


Here are some tips to get you started!

  1. Choose the right color. You don't want a bronzer that is super dark, but one to two shades darker than your normal skin tone will do. Try to stay away from super shimmery or more orange bronzers as these will make the contouring look less natural. 
  2. Get the right tools. For powdered bronzer, an angled contouring brush does the trick, while a small foundation brush works for liquid bronzer. For highlighting, a fan brush and concealer brush are all you need to get that movie star skin. 
  3. Be strategic. You don't want to overload your face with bronzer and highlighter so you look like an orange glitter ball. For my rookies, start with some bronzer under the cheekbones to define them (sucking your face in like a fish will help you find the hollows to put the bronzer in), and highlight in a triangle shape under the eye and a little bit right under the brow bone. 
  4. Blend it. Blending out the harsh contouring lines and the concentrated highlights is the most important step of the process because it will create that seamless yet defined look you were going for. My favorite tool to use for this step is the BeautyBlender. 

Source: Simon Style Setter